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I don’t know if you’ve seen the Hersheys Me Time campaign I’ve been involved with on Facebook (it’s here if you haven’t) but since it went live yesterday, I’ve had a couple of really interesting conversations with my friends about what they consider to be Me Time and I am concerned.

I always thought I had a pretty solid grip on making time for myself but when I sat down to write the pieces for Hersheys, I realised a lot of the things I thought were selfless acts of indulgence were actually just obligations that I took care of when I was on my own. When I started talking to people, that seemed to be a worrying trend amongst my friends – they actually listed things like ‘doing laundry’ or ‘making dinner’ as special treats. Wha? Almost all of my publishing buddies said they came home and read but when I asked what they were reading, the answer was invariably ‘oh, a proof’ or ‘a manuscript’ and when I asked if that was fun, their reactions were lukewarm at best. If you’re not loving what you’re reading, that’s still work, people.

Cooking is actually something I love and definitely a me time treat but there’s a difference between making the time to cook something wonderful and having to get in from work, take off your coat then immediately cook and feed four people. How wrong is it that the forty minutes she spent slaving over dinner was the only time my friend got to herself ever? That’s not OK.

Even in this past week when the majority of my time has been my own, it’s still tough to find a break where you’re not doing something for someone else.
So basically, yay Hersheys for saying you’re allowed to take time just for yourself. And double yay to them for giving me yet another platform to warble on about myself.
Honestly, my mother is horrified.http://0

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  1. Melanie says:

    I love reading all your posts!!
    Especially this one! I think that nowadays ppl forgot what it means to do something for themselves. They are so into working, and mostly “having” to do things instead of doing it, because they like.
    So, my “Me time” is letting my husband play playstation while I paint my toe nails, go tanning or just sitting on the couch and do nothing.

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