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I Heart New York launch, nyc

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I Heart New York launch, nyc

So I Heart New York finally came out in the US and we had a really lovely event at the powerHouse arena in DUMBO, Brooklyn. At least, I hear it was lovely, I had the flu, genuinely can’t remember a thing.

Sadly my event wasn’t ‘How to be a Scandal’. That’s just every day.

They made me sit in a chair that was too big and speak into a mic.
It was all very awkward.

I have a tattoo.

I signed books!

As you can see, it was all terribly exciting.
I think.


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  1. for starters, you look gorgeous! (especially for a sicky!!)
    but I have 2 questions…
    1. didn’t bob tell you about those socks??? lol
    2. what do you have tattooed on your shoulder?

  2. Kate B says:

    Love the dress! Which sections did you read out?

  3. Love the shoes and dress Lindsey 🙂

    Which boys did you read in the end?! X

  4. I meant bits not boys!! Whoops…

  5. I want to see more toes.

    *stomp stomp*


  6. I read from the start of chapter two until Angela breaks Tim’s hand – thank you for all the advice! The dress was supposed to be a bit Betty Draper but it all ended up being a bit Sally Draper which isn’t really ideal. It was cute though, I love it.
    My tattoo is an Ezra Pound poem called Alba, it reads:
    As cool as the pale wet leaves
    of lily-of-the-valley,
    She lay beside me in the dawn.
    It’s my favourite poem EVER.
    And yes, Bob would have been very unhappy… wouldn’t you, Bob?

  7. Oh, and all pictures by Rachael Wright!

  8. Danielle says:

    Hi, I’ve just read I heart NYC and I loved it! NYC is my favourite place! I have a question….Is the book based on you? Are you Angela? Did you really brake the grooms hand?!

  9. Hi! You caught me online… I’m so glad you liked it, NYC is my favourite place too. Sadly (I think?) the book is total fiction, no autobiography involved. I would readily accept Angela’s wardrobe if anyone is offering.

  10. I love all of your I Heart Books!
    And reading I Heart New York makes me want to go to NYC so badly. Never been there. =( *sigh*
    But I promised myself to put that on my imaginary list of the thing I have to do before I die. =)
    Oh and your such an inspiration! I love to write and hopefully someday I can sign my own book. =)

  11. When is the next I heart book coming out? I read all of the three books so quick…(which I kinda regret now, ahahaha). I cant wait any longer I am craving the next I heart! (Las Vagas, I hope 🙂

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