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The Benefit of Benefit


The Benefit of Benefit

There was once a time when every third item in my make up bag was Benefit. Seriously, I was obsessed… from the Dear John moisturiser through Playsticks foundation, Get Even powder, Bad Gal liner and mascara, Georgia blush and everything in between (including Maybe Baby perfume and the entire Bathina body line) but somewhere along the way, I started using different products and Benefit sort of fell out of favour (aside from Bad Gal Waterproof which is amazing and on my daily must-have list), relegated to the back of a drawer.

That was until I happened by the Benefit counter in Bloomingdales last week… Oh My.
There are so many new products! They’re all amazing! I’m now broke! Seriously, I thought I was going to have a little cry. It always begins with ‘hey, why don’t I refresh your make-up?’ and ends in ‘that will be $2oo’ and I never, ever learn.

We started out using the Pore-Fect primer which is fantastic, so far, I have to say I even prefer it to Smashbox Photofinish. After that, the lovely, lovely make-up artist showed me how to use the Hello, Flawless mineral foundation which now comes in a variety of shades and even goes pale enough for my mug. Scary, right? Obviously, I handed my credit card over for both, as well as the Her Name Was Glowia kit because it had the RSVP lip gloss and Coralista powder in there. And because I am gullible and easily upsold. But there was so much more! The Girl Meets Pearl highlighter was beautiful, all the eyeshadows were soon-worthy and it reminded me just how much I love my Miss Priss gloss, Bad Gal liner and lash, my BeneTint and even my Maybe Baby.

So, I’m just saying… Christmas is on its way people/mother…
Lots of gift sets around. Looooots of gift sets.http://0

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  1. Ha! Love the segue from ‘hello’ to ‘that will be $200’. I love Benefit – had the Bad Gal lash and loved it but it can be a bit scary. Next on my wish list would be Hula (for summer).

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