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London Calling: Nail Girls

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London Calling: Nail Girls

I just got back to New York after a very, very loooong three weeks in London (there will be more about that on very soon, we’re here to talk about actual important stuff) and I did my bit for you, dear reader. SO many amazing things to tell you about – so let’s start at the beginning… the all-important manicure.

Since living in New York, I’ve become sort of obsessed with manicures. I’ve always been a nail fan, ever since I sat painting every finger a different colour with my mini Miss Selfridge paint pots in the early nineties. But manicures? They always seemed like such an indulgence and far, far too expensive. Happily, the US has nail bars on every single corner which is a) sort of amazing and b) means that manicures are substantially cheaper than they are in the UK. I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel with a good manicure. It looks pretty and makes me feel like a grown up lay-dee and so, it was with UBER-delight that I mosied on over to Islington last week to meet the Nail Girls

Not only was it a lovely salon in one of my favourite parts of Londinium but the girls behind the salon. Lynda and Jo, were awesome. Lynda explained that she had spent time in NYC working as a fashion ed so she understood my pain. Thankfully for all of us, she’s done something about it. Nail Girls is so, so, so good. Not only did I come away feeling totally chilled out but I also had a fab manicure (I opted for the new jet black polish, shot through with really fine silver glitter, one of the Nail Girls’ own range) and felt generally lovely. The mani lasted for ages and I cannot wait for their fab chem free colours to come over to the States. My heart called for the Jet Black but I also have a filthy great crush on the Navy Blue. And the super soft pale Gold.
Lucky you can order them in the UK right now. Sob. Check out their website for more info on all the treatments, special offers and nail colours. Loving the offer of an iPod silent disco… Sometimes I’m not up to chatting. Not often but still, it happens.

Anyway, I urge you to take a festive trip before you shove your hand up the end of a turkey.
Nail Girls rock.http://0

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  1. I love nailpolish and the colors look so great !xo lala

  2. Shezza says:

    Every Saturday my friends and I used to go into Miss Selfridge and spend our pocket money on their nail polishes…I painted each nail a different colour. Back then I loved this aqua blue colour topped with glitter…nowadays…I’m loving the burgundy..plain and simple!

  3. awww, you made the manicure. yey. sounds worth the rush!

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