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New York – London – New York


New York – London – New York

I’ve been meaning to blog forever and had approximately a million things to say but now I’m sat in front of my computer, it’s completely beyond me what any of them were. So, instead of well thought-out social commentary, here are my random observations after three weeks in London.

– England loves net curtains.
– London has got right on the slutty Halloween bandwagon, hasn’t it?

– A life without Percy Pigs is a life is not worth living.

– Standard measures in New York are at least double those in London. It now takes me waaaaay longer to get drunk in the UK than it does in NYC.
– Sleeping on an airbed drains my will to live.
– I still heart Cheryl Cole, tea and Christmas.

– Meeting up with exes will either go incredibly well or incredibly badly.
– The X Factor alone is almost worth moving back to the UK for.
– Driving by St Pauls, via Somerset House and over the Waterloo Bridge when you’re tired, ill and hungover will make you cry.

More later.
I’m awfully, awfully tired.http://0

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  1. i love london, but live away and those points made me miss home SO much.
    at uni doubles are so cheap, so not only will it take longer to get drunk back in london, it will alaso cost 3 times as much 🙁
    and the last point…i find that hyde park in the winter make me want to cry

    1. Are you at uni in NY?

  2. Have a nice cup of tea, that’ll make you feel better. And don’t forget that you get to be in New York for the festive season, which has to beat England hands down when it comes to sleety, only-the-rubbish-chocs-left, skint post-Christmas come downs…

  3. Im stuck in london and id kill to be in NY at this very moment !
    X factor is pretty good though.. Wagner!

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