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London Calling: Eyelash Extensions

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London Calling: Eyelash Extensions

I should prepare you before I even begin that this is a post related to nothing other than horrifying, shameful vanity – yay!

There were a lot of things I should have been doing in the precious couple of hours I had in London before I flew back to New York last month. Unfortunately, they were all buggered because instead of cleaning my friend’s flat, going to see my friends or getting any of the many things I had not got done, done, I went and had eyelash extensions.
Yeah. I know. And they’re amazing.

I tried to find a good picture but really, all photos of me are taken under the influence and usually telling someone how much I love them. I’m a very happy drunk. The best I could do was this one – random friend cropped out. Gangsta sign, left in. Apologies if it means something I’m not aware of in Kuala Lumpur or something. But really, check them OUT.

My favourite thing about eyelash extensions was best verbalised by a friend who also indulges. We were trying to defend the appalling waste of money when she got to the point ‘When I have them in, I wake up and I’m pretty.’ I can’t argue with it. Seriously, it feels like you wake up with bluebirds singing instead of your alarm clock ringing and then you blink yourself awake like a Disney Princess. Tralalalalala.

I’ve had the extensions done three times in the last two years, with Natalie at LondonEyelashExtensions and I’ve never had a bad result. Plus Natalie is sort of wonderful and very wise. My lashes last a good three weeks before they start falling out, the only sad thing then being that I’m usually in New York and I haven’t found anywhere particularly reasonable to get them filled here yet. Happily, one of my favourite friends (and fabulous make-up artist – she did the make up for my leaving London party, check out the pics here) has just qualified so I hope she’s ready for me to take advantage of that fact horribly the next time I’m back home. You can contact her here on 07855 798 806 or at She’s ever so lovely.

Sadly, I took out the last of my extensions at four am on Monday morning when I was sat trying to finish the second draft of my next book. Incredibly satisfying but not recommended as part of the aftercare. Anyway, if you have cash burning a hole in your pocket (and I realise very few people do at this time of year in particular) eyelash extensions are a great idea for all the Christmas parties you have coming up. Or in general. Or if you want to wake up feeling pretty. I especially enjoy the game where people stare at you and repeatedly ask ‘What have you done? What have you done?’
But then I’m very easily amused.http://0

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  1. they fall out?? i don’t know why i never thought ahead to this stage before, but shedding heaps of lovely thick, glossy eyelashes seems really quite odd. all at once? on the pillow? in the shower? starting to sound like a georgia nicholson adventure…

  2. Lindsey says:

    They just fall out with your natural lash cycle, like hair. If only they all came out at once, walking around with three of them left in is my only gripe, hence the removing. Although anything that starts to sound like a Georgia Nicholson adventure is a good thing? Surely?

  3. jadeee says:

    i realllllllllllyyyyy want this done!! but scared about the cost… any clue on how much?? x

    1. It’s usually about £30 I think? Haven’t had it done in the UK but I know a technician that does it in London?

      1. jadeee says:

        £30! thats a bargin. a salon down the road from me is £80 for lash extentions i thought that was the going rate :S i want it done for my holss so i don’t have to wear makeup

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