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Reviewing my resolutions


Reviewing my resolutions

I was just wandering down Driggs, sushi in one hand, Christmas cards in the other, when I remembered giving Marie Claire blogger and photographer extraordinaire, Rachael Wright, my new year’s resolutions this time last year, unfortunately, I couldn’t remember what they were. Happily the interwebs keeps everything so I looked it up here. Yay.

Any New Year’s resolutions?
Do not kiss boring boys/gay boys/non-residents of these United States
Try to meet deadlines
Don’t murder my roommate’s budgie on purpose, or accidentally (on purpose)

So I did OK on the deadlines one (I missed them all without exception but I at least gave advance warning that I would be missing them every single time. I’m a very polite flake). And the roommate just sent her budgie to live at a bird sanctuary so I couldn’t/didn’t have to kill it. That’s still a result as far as I’m concerned.

Less yay would be the first point. Having spent the better part of 2009 mostly* kissing boring boys, gay boys and non-residents of these United States, I spent the vast majority of 2010 doing more of the same. Fewer gays though. In fact, I think no gays? YAY!

Ahh, 2010, another year in which I have lived but failed to learn.

*I also kissed some extraordinarily hateful boys who a) know who they are b) know what they did and c) will get what’s coming to them but I didn’t really think it was realistic to say I wouldn’t kiss boring boys, non-US citizens, non-gays or arseholes because I was worried that would leave me with only John Krasiniski and he’s taken. Damn you, Blunt, DAMN YOU TO HELL.http://0

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  1. Is it almost that time again? Resolutions, just screaming out to be broken don’t you think? Although you seem to have done pretty well and I’m sorry about the nasty boys.

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