Things that happened today

1. I bought Janie Bryant’s The Fashion File for my friend for Christmas. It is lovely. You should buy it.

2. I was asked why I looked so sad by a lovely man on the subway. And was too ashamed to tell him it was because I was listening to the Les Miserables soundtrack on my iPod.


4. I signed a book for a lovely girl (with really nice hair) called Marissa in a deli on 53rd street. I hope she had the pepper & onion pizza, it was great. Hi, Marissa!

5. I got busted squealing with joy when my delivery arrived. My neighbours were most confused and asked if it was Christmas presents. I was forced to admit it was toilet paper and laundry detergent.

And to think, I’m constantly telling you lot I don’t have a very cool life…http://0


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  1. Apparently everything that happened to me yesterday was lovely.
    Wow, I’m a writer… you’d think I’d know more words.


  2. Dear Lindsey,
    I was really surprised to hear that there was a fan of yours called Marissa, I was also really upset because…why not Larissa???
    your biggest fan forever,


  3. hello.. when are you coming back to London? If you are, are you doing any book signings ? xxxx


  4. I love that u seem to get as excited as my friend and me about getting things u ordered, no matter how “silly” they are! 🙂


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