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Calvin Klein Euphora


Calvin Klein Euphora

As I’ve mentioned many, many times before, I love me some Christmas and one of my favourite parts is buying presents for everyone. Love giving presents and thanks to Snowmageddon, my UK present shopping has been somewhat buggered (sidenote, do you think the UK high street actually prayed for the snow so everyone shopping online got shafted? The things that cross my mind…) so I’m stuck with my minimal US shopping. And you know, making sure I’m fully furnished with self-gifting. Important.

Anyway, lots of people ask me what makes a good beauty gift and a really popular choice is always fragrance BUT I think it’s really, really hard to buy perfume or aftershave for someone what with it being so dependent on personal taste. However, if you’re going to go with scent, there are good options. This season (in the US only I think, sozza) if you buy Euphoria by Calvin Klein, you get a free swanky tin of chocolate. Who wouldn’t love that? And I really do like the fragrance, I forced the men’s scent on the former Mr BeautyLover too and he was a huge fan.
I want to say it’s a pretty scent that I liked to wear to go out but according to Calvin Klein, it’s ‘an addictive oriental fragrance that contrasts exotic fruits, seductive florals and a rich cream signature.’ Probably more accurate than ‘pretty’. Nice bottle too.

And if nothing else, this post gives me an excuse to publish pictures of these gorgeous ladies at the IFP’s 20th Annual Gotham Film Awards at Cipriani on Wall Street, sponsored by Calvin Klein. Aren’t they sickening? I think I might want to be Leighton Meester.

Natalie Portman is totes wearing Lanvin for H&M. Interesting…

Can’t deal with Hathaway after Love & Other Drugs. Not because it was bad (she was great but it was a bad movie) but because man alive, all I can see when I look at her now is boobs. I’m such a child.http://0

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  1. Hi! I'm a huge fan of your books, Lindsey Kelks! 🙂 (Sorry if it sounds horribly formal, I don't know what to call you!)I love the I Heart series – I actually got my first copy from Glamour magazine, and I was hooked! Angela is awesome, and her boyfriend is even more amazing! I love your blog too – yours, not Angela's – and the website – all the places there are so amazing!Anyways, that's my little fan rant over 🙂

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