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The Beautiful You – QVC


The Beautiful You – QVC

Sweet jebus, I haven’t posted in the longest time. Honestly though, I have really good reasons.
There was Christmas and then the new book needed finishing and I’m moving house and ugh, a million other things you don’t want to know about (at least three of them have a penis and shall never be spoken of again) plus I had the flu forever – remind me to tell you the funny story about my Sudafed overdose in Bloomingdales on Christmas eve. Happily, before I went completely mad, I got an email from the lovely people at QVC this week and it began with this headline: December was for everyone else, January is for you.
I liked the sound of it.

Anyway, they were mostly pimping their beauty day here in the USA, tomorrow January 21st but it’s a great theory right? And if nothing else, it’s brought a couple of great new products to my attention. The It Cosmetics Power Universal Brown Pencil Duo that will be making an appearance (QVC item #A212333) is a new favourite of mine. I have a bit of a shameful secret with brows. When I get stressed, I go a bit Girl, Interrupted and rub my eyebrows. The problem here is that my eyebrows then break and I walk around browless. It’s not a good look. This pencil not only fills in my fuck ups but also includes brow conditioning ingredients that actually repairs my follicle self-harm. Brilliant.

As a new redhead (blog to follow on that factoid) I’m also super aware of everything I’m using on my hair right now as I’m terrified of fade out. The Chaz Dean Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner (QVC item #A212497) appeals as it claims to replace shampoo, conditioner, detangler, leave-in conditioner and doubles up as shaving cream. Got to be worth a go at $28 surely? The fewer times I wash my hair with the fewer chemicals, the less fading I will suffer. I think. I’ll let you know once I’ve given it a go.

So whether you’re in the US and can enjoy The Beautiful You on QVC tomorrow (I love zoning out to shopping channels so I’ll be there for a while) or you’re elsewhere and just need to remember to take five minutes for yourself, remember: December was for everyone else, JANUARY IS FOR YOU*.

*management reserves the right to claim this every month until December.http://0

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