I shall be brief…

I’m never moving house again.
Correction, I’m never moving in sub-zero temperatures and snow.
I’m also going to be more careful before I buy a bed base from Ikea without checking that my mattress will fit it.
I’m also going to make sure I have the 18 necessary screws to build my desk before I attempt to build it.
I’m going to buy glasses so I don’t have to drink gin out of a tea cup.
I’m going back to the bar where you get a free freshly made pizza when you buy a beer.
I’m going to dance every time I hear Ride of Time.
I’m going to go and put some more layers on.
I’m not going to have to the internet at my apartment for another week.
I’m panicking as to how I’m going to be able to watch the Royal Rumble.
I’m going to sleep now.http://0

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