Just a couple of things…

You need these things in your life:

Biff from Back to the Future does not want to talk to you about Michael J Fox. I however want to talk to him because I love him.

Time for some proper judo…

If this comes to a city near you, please go and see my beloved Alan Rickman and explain to him how important it is that we are wed ASAP.

And also…

Have a fun weekend!



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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your books! They have been absolutely wonderful to read before bed every night while my boyfriend is away on business! I’m almost halfway through I heart Paris already and I’m trying to prolong it, but it’s difficult – it’s so good!

    I just wanted to say PLEASE keep doing what you’re doing, I’m absolutely aching to read more from you! Thank you!


  2. Hi, found your blog when i googled u:). I bought one of your books ” I heart Hollywood”, on my last vacation to Malaysia and i gotta tell you, i just loved it! Yesterday i ordered the other two “i heart..”-books home from the netshop. Thank you! 🙂


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