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The Single Girl’s To-Do List

Wow, I’ve actually started plagarising myself.
Aside from the fact that I’ve officially handed in the final draft of The Single Girl’s To-Do List manuscript (so you will actually get a book in June and to be honest, it was a bit touch and go for a minute) this post wasn’t going to be about the new book. To be honest, I’m not sure what it was going to be about as my brain is still trying to come down from the madness I put it through  when I’m writing. 18 hours a day at your laptop isn’t healthy.

Anyway, my to-do list is huge but I’ve really missed blogging/Facebooking/Tweeting so how about I give you a couple of options and you tell me what you want to hear about?

1. The new book
2. My exciting new red hair (I’m not that self-involved, I thought it would make a good BeautyMecca post but really, it’s a fascinating social experiment…)
3. Valentines Day Dilemmas

I reckon they’re your top options.
Seriously, life has been crazy. Writing the book, moving apartments, spending far too long every day playing with the new kitty, watching bad movies with my roommate, dealing with Ice Planet Hoth outside, wearing nothing but bright orange Hunters (with a full outfit obvs, I’m not nekkid), doing my taxes, dealing with boys, going through a million vicarious break ups, making new friends, planning my travel schedule for the year, trying not to buy shoes.
It’s been CRAZY.
But it’s all good book fodder, right?

Should have the cover for The Single Girl’s To-Do List for you very soon, can’t wait. I think you’re going to like it, the editor does, THANK GOD.

Anyway, off to counsel one boy-abused lady friend and then on to deal with another before I go to sleep forever. Two out of three of those events involve cocktails. The third will be improved by cocktails. Win win.http://0

(8) Comments

  1. All 3 pleeeease 🙂

  2. Yay, can’t wait to read the new book!!

  3. Kate B says:

    All 3, but especially the red hair!

  4. Megan says:

    I would love to see and hear about your new red hair! I was also wondering if you could do a post about your tattoos? I’ve seen some pictures from your New York book launch on your Facebook page and I would love to hear about what they all say and mean to you. xxx

  5. Hi! i just finished reading iheartny! Im completly in love with the story, the charcters, everything!! I could read about Angela’s adventures forever!! You should really look into making this a book series! Im soo sad the book had to end! Anyway I will definatly be following your next books!

  6. well i’ve done more of stalkin your books and sooo happy i will def be adding i heart hollywood to my ibooks app!

  7. Gill R says:

    Lindsey, Well Done! so looking forward to the new book and I am sure it will be great…and we all appreciate you working so hard to get it done.
    Looking forward to hearing more about it, and of course anything you get up to as it is so entertaining…Valentine Day dilema’s – interesting!! Why is there never a Single Girl’s day???

  8. Holly says:

    all 3 🙂 and do you have any more news on a new i heart book?!! i love those books, they are amazing xx

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