M.A.C. Wonder Woman

>I have no words.
Happily I have lots of pictures.

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything more.
Not the Disney collection, not the Barbie collection, not even the Hello Kitty collection.
Wonder Woman has already launched here in the US, I’m going out tomorrow to BUY ALL OF IT. Credit card and tax bill be damned.http://0


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  1. Please tell me they have this in the UK..?
    I’m due a MAC spree just to make my bank account hate me even more.


  2. It is out in the UK! I have the blue shadow palette, the Wonder Woman lipgloss and the Penultimate liner. And they have changed my life.


  3. I may have to invest! Definitely a worthy cause AND the packaging is pretty, so it can be forgiven.
    Love the books, by the way. Bit of light relief from reading hardcore generic university books!
    I read in one of them that you were a children’s book editor before you started writing your own pieces. Just wondering how you got into it? I know it’s a hard business to get into (cue story about wanting to be in publising, third year Eng. Lit student, etc.) so any tips would be massively appreciated.
    Thanks if you do so! I’ll owe you a brew and cake when I get a job.


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