Janie Bryant MOD

Last year I was lucky enough to interview Janie Bryant, costume designer extraordinaire and one of the hardest working women I ever did meet, for Grazia in the UK. Happily, I discovered that not only is Janie extremely talented, extremely intelligent and gets to touch Jon Hamm on a regular basis, she is also ridiculously lovely. And so it is with much joy, I bring you her latest Janie Bryant MOD collection for QVC.

Aren’t these lovely? I remember Janie getting very excited about the lace trench at the photo shoot and now I see why. So pretty. It’s the epitome of ladylike chic and I want.

And this structured handbag? Rowr.

Earrings. Noice.

Janie says “This collection has laces, floral prints and pastels that are inspired by the glamour and femininity of Grace Kelly,” says Ms. Bryant.  “These are beautiful, feminine vintage pieces that I am so passionate about.”

I say, “Ooh, that’s really pretty. I want it so I can fool people into thinking I’m a functional adult who can dress like a laydee.’
Check out the entire collection at QVC.com, get more of Janie’s style advice in The Fashion File and see her wonderful work on Mad Men.http://0

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