You don’t ask, you don’t get

So, I’m stood outside Coffee Shop on Union Square waiting for my friend and the following exchange takes place. Please expect to see this in a future book…

Man (with no front teeth): Excuse me, have you got a cigarette?
Me (with all front teeth): Um, no.
Man: OK. You looked like a smoker.
Me: Hmm. Nope.
Man: Can I ask a second question?
Me: Um *looks around desperately for friend* Yes?
Man: Do you have any spare change?
Me: No. Sorry.
Man: I feel like I already know the answer to this one but I have a third question.
Me: Go on then…
Man: Could I get your phone number?
Me: Um, noooooo.
Man: Yeah, I didn’t think so. I love your hair.
Me: Thanks *furiously dials salon to have red put back to brown*
Man: Yeah, that’s hot as shit… *wanders away*
My friend: Ooh, sorry I’m late. Were you making a friend there?

The lesson here is never dye your hair red and ALWAYS BE ON TIME FOR YOUR FRIENDS.http://0


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  1. Haha awkward!!


  2. LOL!!!! that is possibly the funniest thing I have ever read!!!

    I’m always late and my hairdresser accidently dyed my hair purple… Yep, PURPLE

    So, need to dye my hair back to brown andddd attempt to be on time lol

    God love ya Lindsey Kelk, the world would be a boring place without you! x


  3. ahhh shit..
    last night i dyed my hair midnight red.. meeep !! help !!


  4. Lol Agree – totally akward! When’s the new book out?


  5. I’m reading I heart NY and I would really love it if the American characters were not given dialogue such as “honey”, “doll” and “yank”.
    Why oh why?? Did you use those words vs something normal?


  6. was his name Bob? x


  7. Hi Lindsey … any news on when the new book will be in stores in Australia??? Cannot wait to see what happens.

    p.s Hiiiiiii Sophia *waves to my BFF above* hahah



  8. The Single Girl’s To-Do List hits Australia in August! YAY! And hi Sophia xx


  9. Rachel Chappell March 14, 2011 — 7:33 pm

    Does it count if your hair is naturally the colour of fire?


  10. Rachel Chappell March 14, 2011 — 7:34 pm

    coz i get weirdos coming up to me all the time…


  11. LOL !! Wow, weird. Well I was actually thinking about dying my head red sooo thanks Lindsey you actually saved me from a ‘could be fiasco’. When is the new book coming out and when will it come to turkey?


  12. my hair is black, i do not like colorful hair, not health, nature feeling is the best

    calvin klein


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