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I am so happy.

Right this second, I’m sat on my sofa in Brooklyn, typing away (pretending the cat isn’t causing trouble, rifling through my open suitcases) and the sun is streaming in through the windows. Seriously, it’s SO beautiful. SUN! I remember sun! And I hadn’t forgotten simply because I’ve just spent two weeks in the UK, I’d forgotten because it’s been winter for so long. But oh my, spring has sprung and you know what that means. Twitterpation.

No, that’s not a reference to my inability to curb my Twitter addiction (follow me! @lindseykelk) it’s a reference to the same thing that happens every spring. Apparently birds do it, bees do it and even educated fleas do it* Spring  = sun, giddiness and unbearable uncontrollable crushes. Yay!

The upside to this is, and I like to blame the fact that I’m a Libra, I love being in love. Crushes are so much fun. Will I see him today? Will he talk to me? Does he like me? Love. A. Crush. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to being Twitterpated. What happens when everyone’s coupling up and you’re still stuck in the crush stage? This is totally what happens to Bambi. His ‘friends’ totally blow him off as soon as a good-looking rabbit/skunk wanders by and he has to get it on with his old friend. Yes, she’s hot but would he have gone for it if his friends hadn’t already binned him? Not cool, Thumper, not cool at all. And also, was the skunk bisexual? Because he kind of seemed into Bambi at the beginning. If your name isn’t Flower, he CANNOT call you Flower. It’s demeaning. You’ve got a name. I think.

Anyway, to get back on point, spring has sprung and Twitterpation is in the air. Lots of my friends are starting to get giddy about new boys, new girls, new relationships. What seemed so depressing about being single in winter, is exciting in spring. You’re not alone anymore, you’re on the brink of opportunity. Fingers crossed the opportunities are hawt. One of my friends suggested we all make a 30 Spring Date Pact… I’m not so sure about that one. Well, I was sure while jet lagged/under the influence of an amazing burger but now, I’m not quite so convinced. But who knows what’ll happen when I get outside without tights and twitterpation really takes hold.
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