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>London Calling: Stocking Up En Angleterre


>London Calling: Stocking Up En Angleterre

>Sigh, back in NYC after a whirlwind trip to London/Home/London/Loughborough*/Home/London and oh my am I sleepy. I have taken care of all the important business though (got a neon orange manicure, watched Glee and eaten an entire giant bag of Milky Way Magic Stars) so don’t despair of me completely.

While I was pretending to unpack last night – a process which usually takes several days of moving piles of things from one part of my room to another and then often back into the suitcase again – I remembered why my bag was so heavy. It was because I’d brought back three huge tubs of The Sanctuary’s Hot Sugar Scrub. Aside from the fact that this wonderful stuff is currently on a 3 for 2 promotion at Boots, you really should be stocking up. It’s spring people, it’s almost time to throw away your tights and, gasp, get out your legs. And for my money, there isn’t a better body scrub out there for the price, the effects and the lovely, lovely scent. I love that it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised, even though it does a really great job on sloughing away any dry patches. And all for about a tenner! Cannot recommend it highly enough.

The other item I couldn’t leave without was something that had totally slipped my mind. While in Lahndahn, I usually stay with my big gay bestie and as well as holding the honour that title bestows, he’s also still holding a lot of my stuff from when I moved. I was pootling around in the bathroom when I found a refugee from my beloved penthouse salle de bains, Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt. For the want of bubble bath (bad gay, imagine not having bubble bath) I chucked a bit of the Elemis in and dear god, if I’m not still smooth as a baby’s bottom. Granted this stuff isn’t as cheap as the Sanctuary scrub but it is bloody effective and you can use it in loads of different ways. Love.

Obviously I stocked up on lots of other important things, like Creme Eggs, M&S undies and Boots tights (it’s not summer yet, kids) but these are the things raided from Boots. Go forth and stockpile my friends, and rejoice in the fact that when my Sanctuary body scrub runs out, I’ll have to pay an absolute shit ton for Bliss hot salt scrub. Sob.

*Blogger’s spellcheck doesn’t recognise Loughborough. How very rude.

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  1. Well in times like these…we need to stock up all the time, it’s the best thing to do

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