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Nars Manhunt

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Nars Manhunt

>Just a quickie as I’m in a mad rush (for a change) but I’ve recently become slightly obsessed with all things ladylike – right on schedule for fashion to take a boho 70s turn of course – and aside from this Marc Jacobs satchel that I need, I cannot step away from slightly 40s style make up.

It’s been all black liquid liner and red lipstick for me of late, odd when you think I’ve gone red with the hair, but it doesn’t clash, it just looks polished and put together. Well, until you get to my hair. Messssssy. But I digress, Nars Manhunt, a sheer poppy red, is perfect for this day look. It’s not a scary red because it’s so sheer and buildable but the colour is true and beautiful. It looks great against my pale skin and goes with pretty much everything. And thanks to the texture, you can even smudge a little into the apples of your cheeks for a coordinating flush which is a real bonus since it can be so hard to get the right blush with a red lip.

And now we’ve got the sensible reasons to buy it out of the way, let’s deal with the fact that it’s Nars and therefore epically desirable, amazing tactile packaging, perfectly shaped bullet and worth every penny. Nars gives me a lady boner. Rowr.

Sorry, despite the word usage there, that was incredibly unladylike, wasn’t it?
Well, I tried.http://0

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  1. >i've never tried a NARS lipstick before, but i'm always on the hunt for a new red (even though i've already found my perfect one, i always want more!).

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