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Headmasters Blow Out Collection

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Headmasters Blow Out Collection

>Now, I realise that if you read any other blogs on the entire internet, you’ve already read about the new Headmasters Blow Dry collection but quite frankly, it’s so pretty, I don’t care. So you can read on and listen to me prattle on about the pretty or you can scroll down and enter the June Jacobs competition, OK?

So, let me start by explaining that I was supposed to attend the press day at HM when I was in London back in March but sadly, I was otherwise engaged (damnable ill relatives who are now PERFECTLY HEALTHY) so I a) missed out on pretty hair and b) missed out on my beautiful London hairdressing boyfriend, Jonathan. Rowr*. Regardless, I got the press release and died a little bit inside because OMG, these are some fine looking hairstyles.

Dreamy Grunge might be my dream hair. Seriously. I love it but they’re all pretty wonderful. Manhattan Curl makes me wish I could pull off that ‘together’ look (I can’t) and Bergdorf Belle, well, firstly it makes me want to go to Bergdorfs but secondly, it makes me want to grow out my hair instead of lopping it off. And I am about to lop it off. Prepare yourselves for that bombshell.

So head on over to Headmasters and take a look at the collection for yourself. I defy you not to find something you love. I’m getting palpitations just checking it out.
But then I’m not healthy, we all know that.

*It’s a long story. A friend of mine works for HM and set me up with a blow out with Jonathan a year or so ago, I immediately assumed that he was gay, spent an hour regaling him and my friend with horrifying dating stories and then found out afterwards that he was in fact very straight. For shame. He’s bloody lovely and does a damn fine job on your hair. Works out of the Mayfair salon, go and touch him.http://0

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