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Pre-Pub Jitters


Pre-Pub Jitters

As a single girl who is (thankfully) baby-less, I’ve never had to worry about pre-wedding panic or I’m-about-to-heave-a-living-being-out-my-vajajay cold feet but what I do suffer from is pre-pub jitters.

You’d think, given that I’m publishing my fourth book (and first digital download shirt story) this summer, I’d be over the whole worry thing. I mean, I’ve done this three times before, right? I know the drill. Some people will like it, some people won’t like it, a few people will hate it and a hopefully a few people will love it. And while I know that’s a fact, I’m staring down the barrel at two straight months of shitting myself.

Now, I happen to LOVE The Single Girl’s To-Do List and I’m not just saying that because I wrote it. Honest. I identify a lot with the characters, the story really helped me deal with a lot of stuff I was going through while I was working on it and I think/hope it’s funny. It might not be, I was quite ill with the flu while I was writing a lot of it. There was quite a lot of Sudafed. And we all know that’s over the counter meth. Should be interesting anyway.

But even though I’m super excited for it to be out there in its beautiful shiny covered glory, it’s also terrifying. And it gets more and more terrifying every time. With I Heart New York it was obvious. What if no one reads it? And with Hollywood, it was even more obvious – the difficult second album – and then with Paris, I was terrified Angela and Alex had out stayed their welcome. Now, with The Single Girl’s To-Do List, it’s the opposite. What if people don’t love Rachel and Emelie and Matthew? What if you all hate Ethan and Dan and Simon and Ana? (ooh, character names!) I mean, I already asked you to fall in love with Alex, to sympathise with Angela and laugh at Jenny and now I’m expecting you to find room for a bunch of other new people? Honestly, it’s terrifying.

Sometimes I think writing is one of the only jobs where the longer you do it, the less confident about it you are. Or maybe everyone else is and it’s just me that’s a mental. That’s quite possible. After all, it is 10.37 on Easter Monday and I’m sat writing this and watching WWE. We’re between friends, we can talk freely, I’m not entirely right up there, am I?

Anyway, I guess what I’m getting at is now that we’re approaching pub date o’clock on Single Girl and Jenny Lopez Has Had a Bad Week, I really, really hope that you have as much fun reading about these new characters as I had writing them. Which a) is a huge cliché but true and b) the foreword Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen added to the book, Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Style Secrets. Which I wrote. So in that case, it wasn’t true. Because they didn’t write it.
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  1. sarah white says:

    I could never have enough of alex and angela, I love the I heart series and am hoping that there will be another one 🙂
    Well truly I am getting rather addicted.

  2. I’m SO glad to hear that the book is finished ^^
    I’m sure it will be a success like the other ones so… relax! =)
    xoxo from Spain

  3. I’m sure we’ll love it and fall in love the way we all did with Alex, Jenny and Anglea! x

  4. Frances says:

    I can’t wait for it. Plus Angela and Alex have not out stayed their welcome. I can’t wait for the next I heart book, and Jenny Lopez has had a bad week AND single girls to do list. Have a little faith, you’re fab! x

  5. Jacinta says:

    I adore your I heart Books so much that I re-read them constantly – yes im THAT sad!! When is I Heart Vegas coming to Australia??

    Im also very excited about the Singles Girls book to hit Oz – because you are such an amazing writer. I will possibly feel like im cheating on Angela and Alex somehow but im sure they will understand haha

    p.s – Im positive that you coming out to Australia for a book signing would possibly be the best thing EVER!!!

    Just Saying 🙂


  6. Rebecca says:

    I can’t even remember how or when I found you but love, love, love your books and am with Jacinta – I re-read them constantly! So much so that I often see my 2 oldest daughters (who are 4 and 2.5 years) sitting in my bed “reading” your books too!

    Ecstatic to hear that you have some new writings coming out soon – eagerly awaiting the kindle and hard copy editions 🙂

    I love your I heart series and think that perhaps you need a I heart Melbourne…..just a thought..:)


  7. Christie says:

    I can’t wait to read this! Just wondered if this will released as an audio book on iTunes in June also? X

    1. I don’t think there’s an audio book pub date just yet but I’ll try to find out for you xx

  8. Nic says:

    You know.. both books sounds great… !!! 🙂
    I have a question though: Can not-single girls read the single girl book or will it make us feel real bad about what we didn’t do when we were still single?
    Also, what does digital sownload mean? Can I read it on my PC or do I need an ebook reader?

    1. Ha! Yes, not single girls can read and enjoy, I promise. And digital download means ebook basically, so yes, ereader or a phone with an ebook app. We’re looking into how to get it out to everyone who doesn’t have an ereader at the moment – it will happen, I promise.

  9. Kate says:

    As you know from my tweets I’m an avid I heart fan and can’t wait to get my mits on your new book, what’s the release date please? Xx

    1. The Single Girl’s To-Do List is out June 9th in the UK and my ebook, Jenny Lopez has a Bad Week, will be released digitally on May 9th. YAY!

  10. Joanne says:

    LOVE the heart series! LOVE reading about Angela and Alex and can’t wait to find out where they go next!! So please keep writing about them! In the meantime can’t wait for the new book to be released as these are the best books I have read in a long time!

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