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These are a few of my favourite things… Davines


These are a few of my favourite things… Davines

>Since I went red in December (best. decisions. ever) I’ve spent rather a lot of time worrying* about fade out, something that never really bothered me when I was brunette. Luckily for me, the salon where I get my colour did – Woodley & Bunny – carries an amazing range for coloured hair by Davines. I’ve never been a massive fan of colour depositing shampoos and conditioners as I’ve always found them a bit drying but the Davines Alchemic system is amaze. I use the Red shampoo and conditioner a couple of times a week and seriously, I get next to no fade out plus my hair is super soft and manageable.

The shampoo takes a bit of getting used to as it needs a minute’s massage to ‘give’ – make sure your hair is completely saturated before you begin – and the conditioner looks terrifying, just like red putty, but it really is fantastic stuff. I won’t lie, it’s an investment but if you’re going to the trouble of colouring your hair red, you’re kind of committing yourself to a hell of a lot of up keep from the outset. If you offset the cost of the shampoo and conditioner against how regularly you’ll need touch ups, I’m pretty sure they’ll pay for themselves within a year. I’ve been a redhead for nearly six months now and I’ve just opened my second bottle/jar of product. It lasts aaaaages.

For non-redheads hair, I loved the Davines Nourishing hair pack in days of old, it’s ridiculously moisturising if you’ve got very dry or very long hair that needs a bit of TLC. Plus it’s green and looks like something out of Ghostbusters. Score.

*I am spending way too much time worrying about things at the moment, aren’t I? And this is just my beauty routine, don’t even get me started on work or boys, you’ll never hear the end of it…http://0

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