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>Ardell Lashes


>Ardell Lashes

>There are many things I love about being in New York. Missing out on awesome events like this is not one of them. Happily, Miss Catherine was my woman on a mission and reports from Ardell’s lash masterclass…

There’s nothing that makes a girl feel more fancypants than fluttery eyelashes. But I always end up with them half-way down my cheeks by the end of the evening. So hurrah! I was lucky enough to go to a lash masterclass with super-nice make-up maestro Louise Page using Ardell lashes, which are available in a dizzying array of styles.

First top tip from Lou is to carefully remove the eyelashes from the tray and then flex/bend them gently. This softens up the edges of the lash, so when they’re applied you avoid that annoying curling-at-the-corners problem. Then hold the edge of the lash against the outer edge of the eye so you can judge the size against your lid. If it’s a bit too long, snip a little off the end. Then take the lash glue, squeeze some out and apply to the edge of your lash using a toothpick. Starting from the outer edge of the eye, gently press them against your lashline. Et voila! Flittery fluttery eyelashes!

I wore style 109 in demi black. They were super fluttery but still realistic. If you wanted to, you could always apply 2 pairs – the lovely Claudia from the Lou Page Academy, who gave me a personal lash lesson, said that often they’ll apply 2 sets when applying make up for celebs. And at only around £5 for a pair at Boots, totes affordable too. Apparently Katie Price wears 3 sets at a time. Even with my new-found lash addiction, maybe a step too far for me…

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  1. >I think I need someone to physically teach me how to apply lashes as I just cannot do it right, god knows how people were more that one pair, I can't even get them on! x

  2. Ardell lashes are the best. Coupled with Duo glue and you’ll have fluttery falsies for the entire evening.

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