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These are a few of my favourite things… L’Oreal Mascara


These are a few of my favourite things… L’Oreal Mascara

>One of the reasons I started writing BeautyMecca was to fulfill my quest for the ultimate mascara. Over time I have discovered that no one mascara can satisfy the needs of a woman, it’s just too much to ask. But thanks to my tireless dedication to buying up the entire mascara stocks of every shop I pass by, I have found several that between them, just about do every job I could ask for.

Given that mascara needs changing pretty often, I’ve found cheaper brands to be just as good as the designer labels and my top go to mazzy for thick, fluttery lashes is L’Oreal’s Voluminous Million Lashes. It’s cheap, it’s effective, the brush is great, it doesn’t make my lashes clump together and I like the shiny gold tube.

As someone who has fun chipmunk cheeks, I have a problem with mascara smudging under my eyes at the first sign of wear and tear but this bad boy tends to last a little longer than most others. It’s not waterproof by any stretch of the imagination but it really lasts. And seriously, the longest, flutteriest lashes you ever did see.

Apparently J Lo and Jennifer Hudson are fans, so, you know… ’tis the shit.http://0

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  1. >I must try this out!

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