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Jenny Lopez has a Bad Week

By now, I’m sure you’re all sick if hearing me Facebook and Tweet about Jenny Lopez has a Bad Week, my I Heart short story. But just in case you aren’t and you’re in the UK, please download it before the 23rd May from Amazon, iBooks or other e-tailers while it’s freeeeee!

The story stars Angela’s best friend, Jenny Lopez and follows her return back to New York City. Obviously, a girl can’t get by without her best friend so Angela and Alex both make an appearance – rude for them not to, right?

If you’re outside the UK, we’re still working out exactly how we’re going to get it to you – honestly, there’s no personal grudge against you, it’s just that the book is published by my UK publisher and they can only put it out in certain territories. Hopefully we’ll be able to put it out somehow!

Can’t wait to hear your feedback on the short story, I loved writing about Jenny and I’d be super interested to hear if you liked reading about her…


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  1. angie says:

    Hey, I don’t have a kindle, how else can I read you new book??? Really looking forward to it 🙂

  2. I was able to download the Kindle version from Amazon US. Loved it!
    Here’s my review:

  3. Angie, you can download Kindle onto your mobile device or computer for free. Then download Jenny.

  4. Hey, Lindsey!
    Just want to thank you again! I’m so lucky and I loved Jenny Lopez Has A Bad Week! Totally entertaining! I loved reading as much as you loved writing it! I hope there’s more to come!
    Jenny is so feisty and carefree! I would want to read more on Jenny’s relationship with Sigge!
    Again, fab story and thanks!
    K xx

  5. kevinkinsellaloh says:

    Oh, yeah. Here’s my other review!
    K xx

  6. angie says:

    That’s brilliant thank you all very much – I had no idea! Even technophobe me managed to download the kindle and the book – no work out of me for the rest of today now!! Thanks again 🙂

  7. I wasnt sure how i would like reading about Jenny when I was such a big Angela fan but I really enjoyed this short story. My only critism would be that it was too short but I guess thats the point in a ‘short story’.
    I honestly think I would just like anything that Lindsey Kelk writes as its her style of writing that I really enjoy. Its very light and funny and has this powerful ability to pull you into the story and make you feel as though you are part of it. I can’t wait for the next book and I am so happy that I only have to wait a month!

  8. Holly says:

    The short story was amazing! please please please with a cherry on top write more of them, or do a full book of jenny instead of a short story!!
    and also, when will I heart vegas be coming out and please give us some hints about what will happen with I heart vegas!
    lindsey- your amazing, keep those books coming 🙂

  9. angie says:

    There is an I Heart Vegas??? Really??? Woo hoo, thank you! Can’t wait!! Meantime loved Jenny’s short story, as suggested above any we’d love more!! 🙂 yay also relieved its only a month until the next book ..

  10. Haha – I got this book the other night before I went to bed and I finished it in like an hour!!! Such a good book!!! I had to finish it before I went to sleep, so if I get a bad grade on my GCSE, I blame you and your amazing book! 😉

  11. Ann says:

    Amazing, amazing, amazing book. At first it felt a bit funny when Angela was mentioned but it was great to see her and Alex from another prespective.
    If you have a spare moment, any more Jenny books would be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to I heart Vegas even more now (I honestly didn’t think that was possible)
    P.S.Thank you so much for giving this away for free!

  12. Ashleigh Patterson says:

    I love love loved this, read in under an hour as like your other books, I couldn’t put it down. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase write another book in the series xxxx

  13. Leigh says:

    Absolutely loved it!!! I have a count down timer on my iPhone for the single girls to do list! As someone who has never been a keen reader, and had my bookworm sister constantly on my back to get in to reading, she gave me I heart holywood to read when we were on holiday in march. I gave in to get her off my back and ended up falling completely in love with the book, they didn’t see me for 2 days. I couldn’t wait to get home and have since bought and read all your books and cannot wait for the next one! Thanks for writing such fantastic books (and for getting my sister off my back!) 🙂 x

  14. Alison Broadley says:

    Hi Lindsey,

    It was chipmunk cheeks and mascara that led me to your blog in my lifelong search for a decent mascara – yes, I too have the ‘chipmunk cheeks’ mascara syndrome! I was thrilled to find a recommendation and even more thrilled that it was something I could buy in the UK! 😀

    BUT then I realised I was too late by just ONE day to download Jenny Lopez has a Bad Week for free. 🙁

    So… I’ll just have to pay and subscribe to your blog to stop it happening again! LOL! 😀

    1. Try Max Factor Lashfinity too. I’m SO happy I’m not alone!

  15. Iheartyou says:

    Dear Lindsey, can you tell me if this will be out as a book, too (in engl)? I live in Germany and didn´t have the chance to download the book… 🙁
    Thanks for writing so wonderfully – you are truly great an I can´t await the next books.

    1. It’s not scheduled to come out in Germany just yet – sadly it’s all down to the individual publishers – but if that changes, I’ll let you know!

  16. Bibi says:

    Thank you for this great FREE download.. I was half way through ‘ I Heart Paris’ & wondering when I was going to hear from Angela & Co again when I came across your blog and downloaded ‘Jenny Lopez has a bad week’ just before the free deadline (phew!).
    I was planning to wait some time before reading it, you know savour it and all that ( is that weird?) but then I unexpectedly ended up having a stay in hospital with no books to read!! 🙁 and lo and behold Jenny Lopez bad week has helped me have a good one!! ( ok maybe not good, hospital is never good) but she was there when I needed her. Thanks Lindsay!

  17. Hev says:

    Hiya! Loveeeeeee your work, especially this one. Jenny Lopez? Haha! Is it true there is an i heart London and I heart vegas book? Ive tried to find it on Amazon and cant find it anywhere 🙁

  18. Danielle says:

    i’ve been trying to download this since you posted the short story, only its not working. Is the download only for the UK? 🙁

  19. Sahrah says:

    love your I heart books. The Jenny story needs to be a novel(several). And please continue more about Angela.
    Thanx for a good read. i download them on Kobo in Canada.

    Can’t wait for the next:)


  20. Rena H says:

    I do not have a kindle and i am really the sort of person who likes a proper book with pages to turn. is there going to be a paper back of this – i feel i am missing out!!!!

    Rena H

  21. Hello,

    I am currently waiting for I Hear Las Vegas to be delivered. I really enjoyed reading the other I Heart books. I got the I Heart New York book free in a magazine and loved it.

    Ive read Jenny Lopez has a bad week, I enjoyed reading from Jennys perspective was nice change. I hope this turns into a novel or a few more short stores as the ending was a bit of a cliffhanger which definately left me wanting to read more about Jenny.

    Kathy 🙂

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