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Your Single Girl’s To-Do Lists

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Your Single Girl’s To-Do Lists

I think I’ve probably mentioned that I have a new book coming out in, cough, FIFTEEN DAYS and you might even remember that I asked you all to send in your Single Girl’s To-Do Lists. A couple of lucky people were picked to be printed in the book but the rest of you… well, your masterpieces are RIGHT HERE. I’ll be putting the all up over the next few days – shout if I miss you, there were so many!

Amy Jolley
1. Finish my electrical engineering degree with nothing less than a first! (to prove to everyone that I can do it!)
2. Become a top paid electrical design engineer. (to show all the ladies that we can do anything!)
3. Move to somewhere near the sea. (a beach hut would do!)
4. Hopefully buy a place where I can sell my cakes. (to spread the joy of baking to others!)
5. Travel the world.
6. Find myself a gorgeous fling in one of these countries!
7. Move to Australia.
8. Win the lottery!

Lynette Brighton
1. Go on a date with one of your school teachers – obviously not when he’s still your teacher! I’m thinking 10+ years after the fact. And he was a *hot* teacher back then 😉
2. Go on a date with your childhood sweetheart who never was – the super-intelligent, somewhat geeky boy who loyally fancied you all through in sixth form, bought you Byron poetry, sent you Valentines and teddy bears, even proposed in your leaving book, but you, rather guiltily, always turned down…
3. Deflower a virgin 🙂
4. Date someone you who doesn’t speak a word of English but who you fancy the pants off. See if the language of love really *is* universal!

Stacey Cosens
1. Travel the world with your best mates and share exciting girlie adventures!
2. Save up and go on an unashamedley ridiculous spending spree in New York.
3. Get really drunk and show the club you’ve never forgotten those Spice Girls dance moves.
4. Drag your friends up on karaoke to sing the cheesiest girl anthem you can think of.
5. Eat everything in sight on a girls night in, without feeling guilty.
6. Dance on a bar top, without being removed by security.
7. Go out with your girlfriends in themed fancy dress.
8. Get a dramatic haircut.
9. Attempt to bake.
10. Learn a new craft; such as knitting, dressmaking or embroidery.

Pranami Bharali
Single Girls-  They are indubitably the HAPPIEST girls ever.
I am single and NO, I am not unhappy about it cause when you are single you can live your life the way you want, you dont have to take the pain of checking your blackberry every minute for your boyfriend’s text and neither do you have to sacrifice a girl’s day out for him and most importantly you can just be who you are. In the other hand being in a relationship is not that bad cause that person might make you feel like you are the world to him, treat you like a princess and kick someone’s butt if they say a word to you but being single is even more stupendous cause you can listen to your heart and do what it wants you to do rather than listening to someone else.  AND mind you girl’s life is not only about guys 🙂

Roxane Van Hoorebeke
1) Buy an appartement in NYC !
2) Make a roadtrip with a bunch of friends through America.
3) Make a trip around the world.
4) Make every night a crazy night out with my girls.
5) Stay in my pj’s every sunday, being lazy and watching ‘Gossip Girl’ (while eating a whole bunch of cupcakes).
6) Buy a new dress and new shoes every day.
7) Have a huge picture of Ian Somerhalder on my wall. 😉http://0

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