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Your Single Girl's to-Do Lists pt II


Your Single Girl's to-Do Lists pt II

Kate Evans

  1. Travel the world and work out who Kate Evans really is.
  2. Go dancing with my girlfriends and party the night away – sore feet and all.
  3. Go shopping and buy things for ME – new wallet and handbag are the essential items at this point.
  4. Find a new apartment and decorate my room how I want it, and yes, that includes pink AND purple!
  5. Go and see romantic movies and cry my little eyes out!
  6. Eat dessert.
  7. Spend more quality time with my best friend – eating, laughing, crying, gossiping, complaining about how hideous men are…
  8. Have a holiday romance…
  9. Watch copious amounts of Gossip Girl/Sex in the City/America’s Next Top Model/The City.
  10. Be content and happy being little old me.

Samantha Vallance

  1. Kiss a member of the Royal Family
  2. Buy a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes and tell no-one they cost one months rent
  3. Completely allow someone to buy me drinks all night with no intention on dating/paying anymore attention to them after
  4. Be on first name basis with a cab driver, allowing drunken rants/sobbing/throwing up to be judgment free
  5. Call in sick at work to sneak away for Fashion Week (Paris, New York OR both)
  6. Gate crash a movie premier party
  7. Pop to the Dior counter and blag loads of freebies without actually buying anything
  8. Blag my way into first class by feigning to be related to someone famous who is coming back with me on the returning flight and who you will introduce the airline worker to
  9. Buy Pride and Prejudice on dvd, intending to give it as a gift, watch it first, then don’t actually give it away
  10. Have someone tell me they are ‘ardently in love’ with me, and then correct them because they didn’t say it in the exact manner of Mr Darcy/Colin Firth

Jenni Mckechnie

  1. To write a book – and get it published
  2. To sing ELO’s “Sweet Talkin’ Woman” on karaoke
  3. To get a round of applause after singing ELO’s “Sweet Talkin’ Woman” on karaoke
  4. To get a real job which will fund my shopping habits
  5. To go more places, and see new faces

Sammi Rycraft 

  1. Fly to a foreign country by yourself. It is scary on a first solo trip to Europe, even though I almost always have to travel alone. I travelled the word on a Cruise Ship whilst working!
  2. Go to a movie alone 🙂  Bit weird but its fun!
  3. Learn to stand up for yourself, something I’ve been working on for some time but have perfected it
  4. Quit your job?! Done this and felt great!

Karolin Hofbauer

  1. Go to the hairdresser and dye your hair from blond to black or from brown to red – based on experience I can say it fells awesome 😉

Hope Lenehan

  1. Get a work visa to some random foriegn country.
  2. Quit my job.
  3. Go to said random foriegn country.
  4. When I regained my sanity and found myself in England with no clue and no plan I made a new to-do list.
  5. Get a job.
  6. Live my life the way I have always wanted.
  7. Enjoy every second to the fullest.
  8. Take chances, no more playing it safe.
  9. Learn to stand on my own.
  10. Fall in love.
  11. And get a really cute pair of designer shoes!

Leigh Barnes

  1. Blag your way backstage at a gig/festival. Snog the face off an international superstar DJ. Plus roadies, management and security to get to him.
  2. Purchase a Mulberry handbag you can’t afford. Accidentally, scratch the leather a day later.
  3. Buy a beautiful new shiny car on impulse because you like the clicking sound of the indicators.
  4. Suffer heartbreak.
  5. Break someone’s heart
  6. Have a one night stand. So what if you have no idea what his surname is. Or first name.
  7. Go on holiday alone with a make believe identity. Yes, *yawn* I am a secret agent…
  8. Spend Sundays watching trashy/reality TV. No one’s pressing my buttons…
  9. Drink till you’re drunk in the daytime. Be a rebel.
  10. Get a tattoo. Regret your tattoo.
  11. Learn the routine to Beyonce “Single Ladies”. Realise you’re the only once dancing.
  12. Find yourself being THIS excited about a forthcoming book because you know the second you open it you will relate to every word and convince yourself your life is the “truman” show and the author based this on your life.

Rula Abdulnoor 

  1. Get a cute puppy, it will change your mood, keep you occupied, and provide you with a more positive spirit.
  2. Do something wild: skydiving, swimming with dolphins.
  3. Go on a road trip.
  4. Get a sun tan.

Alice Woodbury

  1. While at home dance to your favorite music or music videos naked. It’s very freeing but make sure your curtains are closed first.
  2. Gather your girl friends and do a ex boyfriend photo burning around the camp fire with martinis or some other girly beverage. Also very freeing.
  3. Purchase or rent a chocolate fountain for the night and invite the girls over. Who needs men when you have a chocolate fountain!
  4. Go out and spend a little money on a sexy dress you would not normally buy, go to your favorite cocktail bar by yourself or with friends and let the escapades begin.
  5. Create a dreams board. By clipping out pictures of where you want to go and what you want to do and placing them on a bulletin board will give yourself inspiration and a focus on your goals.
  6. Change the scenery, go and travel! I too like Angela had left the comfort of my home (Nova Scotia, Canada) and went to the beautiful Rocky Mountains in western Canada and found work at a resort and a new love. Highly recommended it for the single girl!

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