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Your Single Girl’s To-Do Lists pt III


Your Single Girl’s To-Do Lists pt III


  1. Go to Amsterdam with a best friend! One of the best and funniest weekends I’ve ever had, a bit of everything for everyone! And such a pretty city.
  2. Travel by yourself at least once. Seriously couldn’t recommend it enough. I went to new york by myself 2 years ago on a whim. I’d just been paid, work was dragging so I booked it, saved my money up for a few months and had an amazing holiday. It was one of the biggest and bravest things I’ve ever done and it made me more confident and more willing to try new things. Plus I got a killer wardrobe whilst I was there! And made a new friend!
  3. Go to as many gigs with your best friends as possible. Dancing to great music with best friends? What’s not to love? I don’t even mind the afro I come out with at the end due to the humidity in the crowds!
  4. Make a fool of yourself at work christmas partys. This can be done drunk or sober! Really that’s what they are for. I’m truly very proud that I was found under a table at the end of the night at mine.
  5. Get the facepaints out and have a kiss(the band) and cocktails night. 6 cosmos in and we were dancing outside my friends flat which was in the middle of town across from a bar, in our pjs –  facepaint now all down our faces, to the amusement/horror of all the friday night party people in their best frocks! It was hilarious and great fun!

On my fantasy to do list are:

  1. ROADTRIP! Either across Europe or across America. All I’d need with me is best friends, an array of music to sing-a-long to and a camera.
  2. Climb the sydney harbour bridge. Doing so would scare the living daylights out of me, but it is said we should do things that scare us and that would be a HUGE thing for me not to mention an amazing experience.
  3. And maybe… Pluck up the courage to ask that guy at work out that I fancy so I could maybe not be a single girl anymore? 😉

Tara W

  1. A road trip with best friends
  2. Go with best friends to disney land and take loads of stupid pictures with mickey and co.
  3. A desperate houswife/greys anatomy/gossip girl marathon with loads of ice cream (ben&jerrys)
  4. Get so drunk that you can’t remember what happend the night before ( and let your best friends tell you what happened the next day=P)
  5. Buy a bag & shoes that over your limit but always wanted without feeling guilty (and without someone givin you the ‘you-need-to-go-to-therapy-darling-look’)
  6. Be a bridesmaid
  7. Get dumped and break someone’s heart
  8. Go bungee jumpin in high heels
  9. Kiss a frog/ bake the perfect man (didn’t we all wish that would work?!)
  10. Go to a fortune teller
  11. Flirt with a stranger (bartender) at the bar to get a drink for free
  12. Paint your bedroom pink with a white heaven bed(once your in a relationship you can forget that 🙁
  13. Try on weddingdresses with your best friends
  14. Put on as many beauty maskes as your want without someone looking at you like you were an alien
  15. A perfect ladies night ( which never turns out to be perfect because everything goes wrong which makes it fabouls again)
  16. Walk on the victoria secret show ( your allowed to dream right?!)
  17. Sing dont cha from the pussy cat dolls in a karaoke bar
  18. Travel the world (but the girly way… meaning buy something from a shop in every country in the world)
  19. Buy a pair of shoes in every colour
  20. Try every flavour in a ice cream parlour
  21. Wait for the perfect guy in a white porsche to come and sweep you of your feet ( like in prince charming with his white stallion)

Gemma Critchley

  1. Pay a visit to Book Marc in New York and treat myself to some lovely, lovely, pointless-yet-beautiful Marc Jacobs goodies.
  2. Get invited to some sort of marvellous celebrity party (an invite to the Royal Wedding should cover it. I’d even settle for an evening do invite).
  3. Go to said party wearing something that Stella McCartney created just for me. Or Holly Fulton, if Stella’s busy. I’m not fussy.
  4. Learn about wine. And I don’t just mean honing my talent for knowing which supermarket has a 3-for-a-tenner-deal on.
  5. Live outside of Yorkshire. Technically have done this a bit but I keep coming back to these rolling hills. I need to get out of the country, I reckon.
  6. Get promoted to Queen Of The Internet at work. I don’t think that technically exists as a job title at the moment but I’m sure I could speak to HR about it.
  7. Go on at least one adventure every week, even if it’s only to a different pub after work. I often forget how amazing new adventures are until I leave it too long and then get taken by surprise by one.
  8. Finish my ‘one a day’ blog project this year and manage to write stuff that is semi-engaging and coherent. If you want a nosy, you can have a look here:
  9. Learn to not be bothered that my four younger siblings are all married, engaged and having babies. Become comfortable with being the ‘black sheep’ due to not being shacked up with kids at the age of 28. Black shearling is fabulous anyway, come AW11 I’ll be laughing all the way to Topshop…
  10. Win at life in general; have fun, care less about the little things that don’t matter and get on with it with a smile. If I can manage that, the other 9 to-dos should come naturally.

Melissa Galluzzo

  1. Shop ’til you drop in the world’s  fashion capitals: LONDON, PARIS, ROME & NEW YORK!
  2. Dance the night away with the Irish in Dublin, drinking cider!
  3. Take a trip with your closest friends to a tropical island where you can drink cocktails poolside, and have facials on he beach!
  4. Have a complete makeover!
  5. Complete a marathon or fun run!
  6. Drink good wine and eat fine cheese under the Eiffel tower, Paris!
  7. Dress up and mingle with rich at Monte Carlo Casino!
  8. Have a fling with a musician!
  9. Write! A journal, a book, a memoir….anything!
  10. Join a book club!


(3) Comments

  1. Awesome! Fab to see my list up on your blog – thank you for posting it. Can’t wait to see the ones that made it into the book! xx

  2. Katie says:

    I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and am taking the bf to do it soon! I did it at night and it was amazing….and it scared the be-jesus out of me. FYI – scared of heights.
    DO IT! Most amazing experience x

  3. Ellie Willimason says:

    1. Get a total new make over and dye your hair the opposite colour
    2. Buy a whole new wardrobe with some desginer bits such as a bag and shoes
    3. Get a strong group of girls around you
    4. Have a one night stand in Las Vegas
    5. Go shopping in New York
    6. Meet a cute Irish guy in Dublin (Very Gerald Butler like)
    7. Meet and date several other men (at one time)
    8. Work on your carrear, maybe aim for the new promotion?
    9. Spend two weeks relaxing in Hawaii on your own
    10. Meet someone in Hawaii and no longer be single!

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