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Pre-Pub Panic


Pre-Pub Panic

Remember how a few weeks ago, I said I was starting to feel a bit nervous about the publication of The Single Girl’s To-Do List? Hmm, well now we’re at full-blown panic stations and so I’m going to attempt to distract myself from the fact that the book is done, it’s been printed, bound and boxed up, and is probably on its way out to bookstores up and down the country as I type.


I shall be distracting myself in the following ways:

Lindsey Kelk, Domestic Goddess

My roommate loves it when I get procrasinatey or panicky because I go into über cleaning/DIY mode. So far, in the last 24 hours I’ve washed the dishes, cleaned the shower, installed a giant fan, baked brownies and dusted. Still to go today is cleaning the floor. Just as soon as I’ve been outside to buy a broom. Unfortunately, it’s way too hot to go outside to buy a broom. Which is a downer. Because it’s really effing hot.


Another awesome waste of time, facilitated by my blog, BeautyMecca. Because it’s not wasteful and indulgent if it’s research, is it? My ReShellac manicure (review coming soon) is an essential. And my bikini wax is hardly a treat. The massage I intend to get might be overkill but still. It’s research.


It soothes the soul. Fact. I spent possibly the happiest hour of my entire life singing an assortment of Fleetwood Mac and the finest tunes of the nineties (singing badly) last Friday night and I swear, so happy. So, so happy. Of course, this took place behind the closed door of a private room with only sympathetic (I hope) ears in attendance but really, it’s the most cathartic thing you can possibly do. Oh and, remind me to tell you the fun story where I randomly took Simon Amstell to my friend’s karaoke night a week or so ago after we met in a bar. He sang Human Nature by Michael Jackson. And yes, I have got pictures.

Getting roofied in a bar

I don’t recommend this one. For real, someone spiked my drink on Friday night in a bar I go to all the time, while I was with trusted friends. The moral of this tale is you can never, ever be too careful so please, please, please watch out for yourself. Thank god the cat slept on the kitchen floor with me all night. Not my hottest moment.

Listening to new music

Well, new to me. I’ve been all over The Middle Ones and Help Stamp Out Loneliness’ new albums. Super ‘cited.

Writing I Heart Vegas

Is there a better way to distract yourself from the panic of publishing one book than writing another?

Anyone have anymore suggestions for me?


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  1. Kay C says:

    Hiya! soooooo pleased to see you are writing I Heart Vegas! looking forward to that already – and ‘To Do List’; had it on pre order forever, not sure if I have the willpower to lock it in the suitcase for my hols when it arrives, am guessing not! am sure it will be fab, dont be nervous about it! Happy writing!

  2. samantha says:

    woop for the new book! judging by everything else you’ve done its going to be great 🙂 there are so many things to busy yourself with and take your mind off things that im sure the next week or so will fly by! As a student i do have a favourite, its a website called and its full of family friendly videos from all over the net from cute animals, inspiring news stories to slow motion water balloons being popped i really recommend having a look! Best of luck with the new book im sure I’ll tweet you singing its praises 🙂 (p.s everytime you head a post with pre pub nerves i always think Whats so scary about going to the pub? I only just figured you meant publishing nerves, not my finest moment lol)

  3. Holly says:

    have a movie marathon and a pig out!! 🙂 lol x

  4. There is no shopping on this list!!!

    I know it’s hot but… online? Or air conditioned stores?

    There surely is no better way to distract yourself!


  5. Catherine Mullan says:

    Woop for the next I Heart book absolutely positively my favourite ever books series I could re read I Heart New York every day and not get bored am sooo excited for The Single Girls To Do List too :o) :o) you’re ace!!

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