>Clinique Chubby Sticks

>New York, my beloved New York, decided not to bother with spring this year and has rolled over into full on sweaty, steamy summer. This hurts me inside but more importantly, it also hurts me outside. I’m smothered in SPF 100 (not smothered actually as I have a delightful Neutrogena spray) and my make up is melting off my face. I’ve already switched from foundation to tinted moisturiser and my mascara is officially of the waterproof variety. But what to do for that pop of colour on the lips?

I’ve been a lip balm addict for as long as I can remember so it’s not like I’m short on options. However, since receiving several samples of the new Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm, I’ve been smitten. I love a chunky pencil product, no really, you’ll find all sorts of shit in my make-up bag just because someone made it into a pencil, so this is a dream come true. And on top of the ‘made for Lindsey’ packaging, they’re actually really good. Just the right balance of colour saturation and moisturising product. They don’t overdo it, you know how coloured balms sometimes build up and look gross? Not the case. They’re subtle but definitely there. I’m all about Super Strawberry and Chunky Cherry but there are eight shades to choose from in total – got to be one for everyone, right?

Also, side note, but I’m loving Clinique’s ads right now.
I’m loving everything.
I’ll be quiet.

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  1. >Love how you write. Can't believe how hot it get's in NY. Always thought it was cold over there. Great article.


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