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Beauty Style Gossip Interview


Beauty Style Gossip Interview

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this before now!
Here’s my interview with the fabulous Katie from Beauty Style Gossip…
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1)      Name the celebs around your table for perfect dinner and what you would be eating/drinking.
Ooh, this is a tough one… eight is a good number for a dinner, isn’t it? Let’s see, for the boys I’d go Brian Cox because he’s ever so clever and pretty to look at but we could talk about music as well. Bill Murray because who wouldn’t want Bill Murray at the table, Alan Rickman because I love him and Alexander Skarsgard because if I cooked dinner, I deserve a treat. As for the ladies, alongside my good self, I’d have Cheryl Cole because I reckon she could do with a good feed and a nice night in, Kristen Wiig since I just saw Bridesmaids and loved it then Carrie Brownstein, guitarist from my all time favourite band Sleater Kinney and hilarious lady of Portlandia. Mainly because I love her but also because I need to apologise for the time I told her I loved her at a Bishop Allen gig. Oh, wait. That won’t work, will it?

We’d go with sharey food, maybe a ton of tapas. I used to do a very good tapas spread, I could totally do it again – albondigas, garlic and chili prawns, lemon chicken,patatas bravas, tons of bread. Dessert would be sharing platters too – cookies, brownies, cupcakes, that kind of thing. That way no one has to eat anything they don’t want to and those of us who wanted to be pigs (me and Bill I reckon) could stuff our faces. As for booze, loads. Loads of it. You’ve got to cater for everyone, haven’t you?

2)       In the name of food – name your fav comfort/happiness meals
I love food. Seriously, it makes me so happy and living in New York, it has the potential to make me really fat. The day The Single Girl’s To-Do List was published, me and my friends (yes, single girls) went to the Churrascaria Tribeca and stuffed our faces with cow. Steak is probably my favourite meal but then, when I get home sick, it’s shepherd’s pie. I love mash potato and something about making the shepherd’s pie from scratch – sauteeing the mince, making the mash, chopping all the veg – and then force feeding my American friends with it makes me incredibly happy. Failing all else, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk or Percy Pigs, depending on the mood.

3)      Give me some yummy cocktails you drink on a very, very regular basis
I’m such a lush. I love margaritas. I was in Texas earlier this year and couldn’t physically order anything else. On the rocks, lots of lime, no salt. Delicious. Failing that, there’s a cocktail at The Bubble Lounge in Tribeca called Bubbly Cider, which sounds incredibly trampy but it’s actually delicious. Lots of apple and pear, topped off with champagne. Yummers. If I’m making the cocktails, it’s Hendricks gin, Saint Germain, fresh lime juice and lemonade over ice. Mmmmm.

4)       Who are what inspires you everyday?
My friends are brilliant inspiration and more than one of them would be able to point to our conversations or adventures in my books. I’m shameless. Mostly, I’m inspired by the fact that I love what I do. It really does kick your arse to get you out of bed every day when you think, ‘wow, I get to write for a living’. And on the days that doesn’t work, that fact that I don’t have a monthly pay check every month is a good motivator…

5)      Tell us your beauty regime
As you probably know, I’m a total beauty whore. LOVE products and am terrified of waking up looking like Zelda from Terrahawks one day (outdated reference, I know). I cleanse with Elemis products, I’ve got the Melting Cleansing Gel in the shower and the Triple Enzyme Cleansing Wash by the sink, then for eye make up remover, I really like the Philosophy one but you get really good ones in the chemists in NYC too. I’ve got Bliss at the minute because I was caught short but my eyes don’t really like it as much. Then in a morning, I use the Estee Lauder Idealist EVen Skintone Illuminator and Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator – I’ve only had them in my regime for a few weeks but I’m obsessed. I follow that with Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and a high SPF. La Mer SPF is great and I try to pick it up on the cheap at Duty Free whenever I travel. It’s much more affordable than the moisturiser and I feel like it does make a difference. At night, I’ve been trying Jurlique recently after a brilliant facial. I love their Herbal Recovery Gel and Night Cream, my skin feels super hydrated the next morning. And I use Elemis Pro-intense Eye and Lip Contour Cream. And that’s without getting into masks, exfoliators or body products… Jesus, no wonder I’m broke.

6)      Fav places to shop in NY and UK and anywhere else for that matter
The first place that came to mind was M&S. I literally land in London, go up to my mum’s or wherever I’m staying and I’ve already got my M&S underwear order in my head. Online research is the best. Other than that, Topshop, obviously, and in London, I love Beyond Retro for vintage but mostly, I’m plundering the high street. Primark is still one of my favourites. In NYC, it’s harder to find a bargain but I never leave Beacon’s Closet without something (more awesome vintage) and Urban Outfitters is a total bargain compared to the UK. Anthropologie is fantastic if you can drop on a bargain. And obviously, Marc Jacobs and Christian Louboutin in the West Village if I really want to torture myself.

7)      Absolute top books you love and read again and again
My favourite all time book is The Secret History by Donn Tartt. Read it!

8)      Same with films/TV shows (like SATC or Friends) (did you like the NY reference?)
I watch far too much TV and if you could see my DVR list, you’d think I was a 14 year old boy. WWE, Family Guy and American Dad take up  a lot of space. I love Arrested Development and I was a HUGE Buffy fan. Often watch rereuns of those bad boys. Other than that, I love True Blood and we’ve become Game of Thrones fanatics in our apartment of late. John Snow? Rowr.

9)      Do you cook? If so what are the signature dishes?
I do! I’m a good cook! Angela stole my Balinese chicken recipe, that’s my best dish. Other than that, I make a mean batch of brownies and can pretty much turn my hand to anything. I love to cook tapas and now I’m in NYC, a nice Brit feast is always a winner – toad in the hole, shepherd’s pie, sunday roast, yum…

10)   Can you do maths?
Um, no. Sorry Mr Sim/Mr Hare. I’m shat.

11)   Magazines you buy every month?
I subscribe to all the American glossies – Elle, InStyle, Lucky, Allure, Cosmo, Glamour… I claim it’s research but really, I’m just a magazine whore. I usually pick up British Elle too and if I’m home, Grazia and Look are must haves.

12)   Tell us about writing – do you feel the need to writer every day?
When I started writing I Heart New York it was part of a New Year’s Resolution to write every day. Now I pretty much end up writing every day whether I plan to or not, whether it’s a blog post, a bit of BeautyMecca or some of whatever book I’m working on. Sometimes I go a couple of weeks without writing a word (bookwise anyway) but I’m always working. I’ll be editing or doing promo or proofreading or something. I find it really hard to switch off. Plus, when I start writing seriously, when I’m about 30,000 words into a book, I find it really hard to stop and become a bit of a hermit.


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  1. Thank you for your book! My boyfriend just dumped me in nearly the exact same way as Simon and I really related to it. it’s pulling me through it! x

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