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Books, babies, betrothals…


Books, babies, betrothals…

So, the last two weeks have been insane.
Seriously, two weeks ago today I hopped on a plane to Heathrow, jumped off and got on a train up to my mum’s, then back down to London to the Sanctum in Soho (DO GO THERE), then down again to Kent, then back to London. Two days later, Heathrow called me again and I was NYC bound. After a fun overnight stay in the Newark airport Crowne Plaza (NEVER GO THERE), I jumped on a flight up to Toronto for the Canadian launch of The Single Girl’s To-Do List and now, I’m in the departure lounge of the airport to head back to NYC. So I’m a bit tired.
And not just because of the bouncy castle (please see below).

Me and the bride rocking the bouncy castle

But, knackeredness aside, it’s been an amazing couple of weeks and I am so so thankful to everyone who made it happen, which more than likely includes YOU, so really, thank you. I’ve just been so bloody happy, the northerner in me is appalled. Seeing the UK edition of Single Girl’s everywhere, planning the Marie Claire tour, reading at my friends’ wedding, considering abducting my other friend’s baby and finally meeting amazing people in Canada. I know it’s a cliché to say you’re all lovely but YOU’RE ALL LOVELY.

My finest Lindsay Lohan hotel mirror shot before the Toronto Moroco event

Aside from being more tired than I’ve ever been in my entire life (which anyone who knows me will tell you is a remarkable feat as I’m always a bit tired/very lazy) it’s been such a happy couple of weeks. Between celebrating book baby, celebrating my friend’s wedding and trying not to eat Baby Flora’s ears, it’s just been a very lovely, if manic couple of weeks. I know I went mad because at one point, I sat down with my friend’s (very new) boyfriend and started complaining that with my current schedule I wouldn’t be able to even think about having babies for another two years. This is a worrying sign for the following reasons:
1) I have spent 30 years saying I don’t want babies…
2) Technically speaking, there isn’t an official Mr Kelk to have babies with…
3) I had only met said boyfriend once before and now my friend probably hates me…
4) Babies scare me. Seriously. Everything about them. Carrying them, getting them out, keeping them alive, shouting ‘where’s your skirt?’ at their inappropriately short dress when they’re 16, everything.

So yeah, I’ve gone mad. But if anyone has a baby I could borrow for a bit, like, a hour maybe? That might be enough to put me off.

Just before I tried to eat Flora’s head

Anyway, now it’s just two weeks until I’m back in the UK for our Benefit party, Latitude festival and Marie Claire tour. Mew. Forgive me if I sleep for the entire two weeks. Except obvs I’ll be writing I Heart Vegas…

And so I pray to my deities, by the power of Marc Jacobs Christian Louboutin, may we all get through this alive.http://0

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  1. IHEARTYOU says:

    Hey Lindsey, what great news to hear about I heart Vegas! You look totaly fab in that dark Dress!!!! WOW! WOW! WOW! Great legs girl! Where did you get it and most important: which brand?!??! PLEAAASSSEE tell. Greetings from Germany.

    1. Ahh, that’s very sweet of you. The dress was from Vince, isn’t it amazing? LOVE a sequin! xx

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