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>Elemis Fresh Skin + Signed Book Giveaway


>Elemis Fresh Skin + Signed Book Giveaway

So, you remember when we did the Elemis Fresh Skin giveaway a couple of weeks ago?
Well, to celebrate the 4th of July weekend here in the US and Canada Day in my beloved Canadialand, we’re doing the SAME THING AGAIN but here in North America!

So email me at with the subject ‘I want awesome skin’ for your chance to win a full set of Elemis Fresh Skin goodies and a signed copy of The Single Girl’s To-Do List.

I managed to sneak ten minutes into my London trip to have a look at the new Elemis ranges that are coming up and sweet Jebus, they’re delicious. Am obsessed with the new Revive shower gel but I’ll tell you all abut that later…


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  2. Wow! What a giveaway. Thanks for the great offers:) Happy 4th!!

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