Angela’s Blog: A rooftop in Brooklyn

It is warm. At last. But when I say warm, I mean HAWT.

I am worshipping at the alter of the air conditioner and only moving to open the fridge or the door for food. It’s wonderful.

I have left the house a couple of times recently. Behold, photos from my exciting adventures…

We went to the sweat lodge that is the Cake Shop for PopFest a couple of months ago to catch my friends, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. They were awesome, I was drunk, they might not be my my friends anymore. It’ll be fiiiiine. Buy their album.

The next shot is from a rooftop in Brooklyn on the 4th of July, it was awesome. And not hot. Hurrah!

This is a dog wearing goggles and a hat. That is all.

This is 24 chicken wings. Those wings were consumed by a single man. Swoon.

Mood: Independent
Currently listening to: The new Pains album, Belong – GET IT


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