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Maaaan I’m lazy

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Maaaan I’m lazy

Sorry to have vanished, it’s been a busy old month.
1. I had a birthday (not relevant really but it could be)
2. I’ve moved into my own apartment
3. I’ve been building a lot of flatpack furniture
4. I’ve been unpacking a lot of boxes
5. I’ve been dressing up as a Pan Am stewardess and a Care Bear.

It was Halloween. It happened. Get over it.
I have to say, my Pan Am costume was made by my L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour in Beyonce’s Red. No, really, me and Bey. We’re practically one being.

Now I’m settled(ish) into the new place, I expect life to return to something vaguely normal so there will be lots of lovely posting and lots of nonsense. You can expect to hear a lot about the Temptu foundation system and Juliette has a Gun perfume because I’m in love with them both right now. And Shellac manicures because they’re awesome. And probably Twilight because it’s on FX ALL THE TIME and I can’t seem to turn it off.


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