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And this is why my mother thinks my life is silly…


And this is why my mother thinks my life is silly…

I think I might have had the most ridiculous couple of weeks of my entire life. Seriously, I’m sat here writing my next column for Marie Claire and everything I put on the page just seems ridiculous, like, did this happen?
My diary for the last couple weeks basically looked like this:
Wednesday: Breaking Dawn preview and Katy Perry concert at MSG
Thursday:  Work
Friday: Dinner and drunk texting
Saturday: Marie Claire photoshoot
Sunday: Marie Claire photoshoot and Survivor Series at MSG
Monday: Sleep
Tuesday: Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall and dinner at The Modern
Wednesday: Thanksgiving prep
Thursday: Most amazing Thanksgiving Ever
Friday: Muppet movie and worst hangover ever
Saturday: Tree trimming party
Sunday: Second worst hangover ever
Monday: Volunteer at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

And I’m writing you a book as well.

I think I’ve gone mad.

Just wanted you to know…

Oh, also, have you downloaded the HarperCollins Bookd podcast yet? I can’t bear to listen to myself but I do remember laughing A LOT. Thanks Cass and Tanya!http://0

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  1. Lyubava says:

    you cool I just love your manuscript, all forums, books, notes

  2. Charlie says:

    Woo my I Heart Vegas book is on its way from Amazon! Can’t wait!

  3. Oh awesome you volunteer at the Superhero Supply co. I volunteer at the Monster Supply store in Hoxton inspired by 826. Bit behind you on the whole successful career thing though =)

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