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Skin Art Temporary Tattoos


Skin Art Temporary Tattoos

Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m a glitter fiend. At least sixty percent of my wardrobe is glittered or sequinned and all my favourite eyeshadows are at the very least, shimmertastic. I actually had to be physically removed from the glitter spray counter in Sephora on Wednesday…

So you can imagine how excited I was to receive the press release from Skin Art about their Glitter Tattoo Kit. How perfect for Christmas? The kit comes with stencils, glue and glitters so you can use the kit as is or come up with your own design and the tattoos last for up to five days! I would hope you shower enough not to make it to five days… If you’re not glitter-inclined, you could go for the regular Tattoo Kit that has 99 easy to apply tats.

Since I’ve already got my own ink, I’m definitely erring towards the glitter but that will surprise no one…

The Temproary Tattoo Kit retails at £8.00 and Glitter Tattoo Kit £14.00, both from Boots and


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  1. A must have for every glitter addict!

  2. My flatmate got this for christmas and we have so much fun with them. Would totally recommend it :DD

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