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John Frieda’s California Waves

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John Frieda’s California Waves

I love getting my hair did. It’s probably up there in my top ten things to do along with shopping, sleeping, petting kittens and sitting in the sun by Barton Springs with a good book. But who has the time or financial wherewithal to get their hair did or go to Austin, Texas, whenever they want to feel better about life?

Happily, the lovely people at John Frieda have put a shit ton of videos up on YouTube to show us how to make our hair pretty at home. Bless ’em. I like the California Waves because I’m growing my hair out a bit at the moment and I’ve been having an arse of a time getting any texture into it – straight, straight, straight. But now, wavy, wavy, wavy.

There are heaps more on YouTube, let me know if you try any of these out!


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