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Whiskers on Kittens…


Whiskers on Kittens…

Ooh, it’s been a shitty few weeks.

No, really, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. And since I’m up against it work-wise, I decided to indulge in a few of my favourite things right here…

The Natural History Museum
I love dinosaurs. Not in a creepy, read loads of books, know loads of facts way, just in a ‘aren’t dinosaurs awesome?’ way. And as such, The Natural History museum is one of my happy places. I will be going very soon, wearing this sweater.

I feel like this falls into the same bin of weirdness as my WWE obsession. And I’m fine with it.

The Bronx Zoo
One of my other favourite place in all of New York (and I suppose tangentially related?) is the the zoo. I Heart the Zoo. I get upset when I can’t find the red panda though. Lame.

Drift Spa at Palms Place
What I’d give to be sat in the sauna at Drift, waiting for massage o’clock right now… sniff.

Lip Balms
I buy an appalling amount of make up. I can’t emphasis just how bad my obsession is. It’s really, really, really bad. But when times is hard (I also like musicals, including Sweeney Todd) I’m cray cray for lip balms. Recently I’ve been going mentals for Maybelline Baby Lips which smell beautiful, Revlon ColorBurst lip butters, Fresh lip balm in Passion EOS lip balm in sweet mint and Dior Lip Glow color enhancer. Amongst others. Does one woman need all these balms in her handbag? No. Do I have them? Yes. Problems? Go and f*ck yourself.

The National
I know I’ve gone on about this before but when things are shitty, there’s nothing that makes me feel better/makes me feel wonderfully worse than binging on The National. I did listen to the Lana Del Rey album and I liked it. Felt like it was a bit long. In case you were wondering.

Trapped in the house? Can’t be arsed to get off the settee? Switch on the Xbox and watch seven hours of Family Guy, followed by Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog followed by Party Down followed by The Toxic Avenger. There is no bad here.

I freaking LOVE Twitter. It’s pretty much my favourite place to hang out. After…

Retail therapy makes it better.

You can also add to this list mogwais, 80s teen movies, bubble baths, sitting in the park, kitten snuggling, kissing, coloured jeans, dancing in sequin hotpants and sleeeeeeep.http://0

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  1. 80’s movies oh how I can identify with that one! Watching Some Kind of Wonderful now drive my man mad with this film and have 3 copied on dvd ( 1 is scratched cos of overuse or something, second is playing now and third is the USA special edition with interviews and commentary that I just had to have but could only watch a couple of times cos its a region 1 dvd is now obsolete! )and LOVE Duckie Dale from Pretty in Pink. John Hughes is pretty much a legend basically!!!

  2. 80’s movies it has gotta be Ferris Buellers Day Off, I mean everything about it is fantastic. The soundtrack, the cast, the plot, just perfect. I named one of my cats Ferris when I was 14, that’s how much I love this film. xxx

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