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Angela’s Blog: I’ve been SO busy

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Angela’s Blog: I’ve been SO busy

There’s literally no excuse for my slack attitude to blogging but I *have* been kind of busy. I’m setting up a new magazine, eating through the winter and looking at the rock on my finger every fifteen seconds. That keeps a girl off the streets.
Anyway, here are some photos of my adventures…

The fairy lights are from the ceiling of this amazing Indian restaurant I went to with Jenny… if only I was not so very drunk at the end of it, I could tell you where it was. Damn BYOB rules.

The lake and the dinosaurs are from Austin, Texas. Love.

And then the final picture is my attempt at being arty at New York Fashion Week. I did good, right?

And just as soon as my website stops being a giant arse, I have lots more pictures for you. Hurrah!


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