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If we must…


If we must…

I do like to get on my Valentine’s day soapbox but really, as you might have guessed by my day job, I love being in love. It’s not my fault, I read too much as a kid.

So to celebrate the smitten kittens, the tortured souls and crushed crushes out there, here’s my Love to Love You, Baby playlist…

This Mess We’re In – PJ Harvey & Thom Yorke
For my money, it’s the hottest song EVER. Just so you know.

And Darling – Tegan & Sara
Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

(this link actually includes BOTH my favourite Tegan & Sara songs so yay)

About Today – The National
I cry every time I hear this. And then I listen to Mr November until I feel better. And then I listen to Driver Surprise Me until I cry again. And repeat.

Does He Love You? – Rilo Kiley
Haven’t cried enough? Give this a shot!

Lovesong – The Cure
J’adore The Cure. This song says everything and anything I could ever hope to say to a lover.

Other Towns and Cities – Camera Obscura
Some days this one makes me smile, these days it makes me have a little cry. Either way, you need it in your life.

God Only Knows – Beach Boys
My ex and I used to argue over what was the better wedding song. He likes ‘And Then I Kissed Her’ I liked ‘God Only Knows’. And that is why we’re not married. I feel very strongly about my music choices.

Mine For Keeps – Cathy Davey
Vulnerable anthem for damaged girls everywhere

Turn Me Well – Micachu and The Shapes
A bit left-field but it makes my heart hurt

Wild Horses – The Rolling Stones
Should I even have to explain this?

You Send Me – Sam Cooke
I die

With Or Without You – U2
I hate you Bono, I hate you Bono, I hate you Bono

Cheated Hearts – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
It was a big toss-up between this and Maps but either way, you can’t really go wrong

When I Get Up – Tegan & Sara
When this comes on my iPod, I have to have a little sit down

Acetone – Kenickie
We’ve been together for so long… this might be my most enduring relationship

I’m going to go and have a little cry now. Enjoy!

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  1. ozgirl2012 says:

    ♥ tegan & sara. And god only knows. And the national 🙂 good taste!!

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