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Getting Lippy

For some reason best known to an area of my brain that I have no control over whatsoever, I’ve been manically buying up lip products of late, as though they were about to be outlawed across this land. On the upside, this means I’m never far away of a lip balm (or seven). On the downside, it’s just a bit weird. Anyway, given that I’ve spent an abhorrent amount of money on stuff to make my lips soft, I thought I’d tell you about them. Because that justifies it, right?

Maybelline Baby Lips

I have a really weird relationship with these. Firstly, let me say, I LOVE the Quench version (it’s the blue/pink packaging). It smells like sweets, the texture is perfect and it’s clear which I love. The product is exactly what you want from an old school lip balm, massively hydrating, long-lasting and pleasant to use. But while I have a crush on all things bright and colourful, there’s something about the packaging on these balms that puts me off. They just feel very young and a little bit cheap. I think if I was sixteen, I’d love pulling this out on the street but at 31, I’m just a bit uncomfortable. That said, it’s testament to how awesome it is that I do keep using it, even if I feel like I should be pulling it out of a Hello Kitty backpack rather than a Mulberry Alexa… I’ve also got the Peppermint and Cherry Me variants because they really are that good. Totally going to buy the Pink Punch, we both know it. My top pick for a clear, inexpensive balm as long as you’re not going to be sniffy about the packaging.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Balm

Now here’s a good looking lip balm. The packaging here reminds me of my beloved Dior Lip Glow and it’s got wonderful texture with just enough colour. With a lot of coloured balms, I don’t like to overuse it as I feel like the colour builds up and then the subtle effect is sort of lost BUT I’m loving Pink Satin and Rose Elixir for those days when I just want to swipe and go. They haven’t replaced my Dior Lip Glow but they’re definitely alternating with it – Lip Glow, with its self-adjusting colour – absolutely falls into the category of something that can build up too much if you reapply too often. Pink Glow doesn’t. Rose Elixir might if you reapply A LOT. The deeper colours do. happily, these are so hydrating, you don’t really need to reapply too often. Result. My new favourite colour balm.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Balm

Hmm. I wanted to love these for so many reasons. I love Revlon, I love spokeswomen Emma Stone and I love lip balms (could you tell?) but they just didn’t work for me. Aside from the Peach Parfait shade that Emma models in the ad, I really haven’t been taken with them. Buttery balms, yes but hint of colour? Not on me. These pack a really intense punch, definitely more of a lipstick than a lip balm. I couldn’t apply without a mirror and because they are so balmy, the colour doesn’t really last that long. On the upside, my lips did feel well moisturised, I just couldn’t get along with the intense colour payoff when I only wanted a tint. Which I should have worked out before I bought five of them. I do love Peach Parfait though, it’s a nice subtle coral with just a touch of shimmer  – as Emma and I have proven, it’s a great nude option for us redheads…

I’ve also been all up in YSL’s Glossy Stain shizz as well as MAC’s Tendertones and Sheen Supreme lipsticks so there are LOTS more reviews to come…
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