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Ta-da! Here are the answers to your questions!
Thank you for sending them, shout if you have anymore!

Danielle Beaumont@djbeaumont26

Q; What’s the one book you keep rereading and the one makeup item you keep repurchasing? Xx
A: I read The Secret History by Donna Tartt pretty much every year. Love it. And I am obsessed with Dior Lip Glow and Benefit They’re Real mascara. I must have rebought those half a dozen times.

cheryl barker@cherub37

Q: What made you want to leave England? Did you fall in love with NYC too?
A: I fell in love with New York the first time I came here for work. Once I got back to England, I was obsessed with moving here. Now I can’t imagine leaving!

Ashlee xx@ashlee_mxx

Q: Who was/is your inspiration to be where you are now?
A: I just always wanted to write. I’ve been writing stories ever since I was little and it’s just about my favourite thing to do. Other than that, I wanted a job where I didn’t have to get up when it’s dark. I am so so so terrible in the mornings.

Katie Crombie@KatieC_says

Q: Has there ever been interest in making the I Heart books into a film?
A: Interest yes but nothing confirmed. Keep your fingers crossed!

Trudi Hill@paws4thought09

Q: Is there a little piece of you and if so how much – in Angela??!! Roll on 7 June when I Heart London is available!
A: We’re definitely similar people. I can’t help but get myself into trouble either…
Vikki Jones@VikkiJones88

Q: Where’s your most favourite place in the world?
A: New York. If I said anywhere else, I’d be lying. I love the city so much – it’s like having the entire world at your fingertips.

Dawn Yarrow @gingergirl31

Q: How did you become a writer and did you take any courses/classes?
A: I did take some writing classes at university but I’d been writing my entire life. Mostly I just read a lot and write a lot, it’s really the best class you can take. The more you read, the more you’ll learn.

Lisa Holden@lancslisa

Q: What is your favourite american “candy”? (whenever I go to America it has to be runts or twizzlers!!! Love ’em!!!)
A: I love a Heath Bar. And Sour Patch Kids. Sour Patch Kids are amazing.

Lisa Bussey@dancingdaisy75

Q: And when they are turned into films who would play Angela Jenny and Alex love these books takes me about two nights to read.
A: I have no idea. It’s hard for me to imagine an actress in the role when I’m writing Angela! She’s just Angela in my head.


Q: Who are your favourite authors?
A: Donna Tartt, Bret Easton Ellis, Michael Cunningham, Paula Danziger… so many more!

Suhail Zamuner@SullyZamuner

Q: What’s after l heart London?
A: Something new!

Hannah Collins@thenamescollins

Q: Hi Lindsey! Out of all the I Heart books can you pick a favourite?
A: Hi! That’s a tough one. I will always love I Heart New York but because I have such strong memories attached to the actual writing of each of the books, it’s hard to pick a favourite. I don’t read them after I’ve written them!


Q: Will there be a follow up to single girls to do list?
A: No plans at the moment but you never know!

my Taylor@AmyJoannaTaylor

Q: I love you your books are amazing and my question is what is a good way of getting your writing known?
A: Thank you! There are lots of routes to publishing these days, you can self-publish, you can upload your work to a community site like Authonomy or Inkpop , blogs are a really, really good idea but I still think the best bet is to submit your work to an agent. An agent knows the industry, they protect you and they’ll always be honest with you. I couldn’t manage without mine!

Victoria @victoriaxannax

Q: When is #iheartlondon going to be released in the UK please?? I can’t wait! Thanks!
A: June 7th! So soon!

Vanessa Rose@ifake

Q: Anyone offered to buy the rights to the I Heart series to turn them into films?
A: Keep your fingers crossed!

Lisa Scarrott@lisakscarrott

Q: What will be your next ‘I Heart’ Book?? Cant wait!! xx
A: We’re having a break from the I Heart books for a little while but I’m sure Angela will be back someday…

Rachel Lois Matues
Q: Is Jenny Lopez based on a real-life best friend? And if so can she transform me?!
A: Ahh, I’m lucky to have a bunch of Jennys! I’m sure you’ve got one somewhere, everyone has.

Claire Bonetta

Q:Hey love ur books can’t wait 4 I heart london got it on pre-order. R u doin any more books after I heart london. X
A: I’m just about to start work on something new!

India Rose Tanqueray
Q: Would you ever turn the ‘i heart…’ series in to film? 🙂
A: Definitely! I hope it’ll happen one day

Robert Nelson
Q: If you had to choose any actress to play Angela in a film who would it be? X
A: I can’t choose! Always happy to hear your suggestions though.

Vicky Jo Gillbanks
Q: How did you your work published and what advice would you give to an aspiring writer? X
A: I went the traditional route – I submitted my manuscript to agents and then it went to my publisher. My advice is always to read as much as you can and write every day, doesn’t matter what you’re writing as long as you’re getting experience putting words together.

Kat Duncan
Q: What u working on?
A: Something new! Exciting!

Kelly Louise Smith
Q: Hi Lindsey! Please could you tell me when I heart London is out as I live in France and don’t get updated info! Thank you so much! X
A: Hi! It’s out June 7th – all the news is here! Lovely France, you’re so lucky!

Sarah Davidson
Q: I love your books! Do you have a real life Alex in your life? If so, how did you find him? Tell me your secrets!
A: I’m Alexless! If I knew where he was hiding, I’d definitely share the info…

Melanie Beynon
Q: Do you visit all the places you write about in your books? Thoroughly enjoyed the single girls to do list xx
A: Thank you! So far yes. I get really inspired by the places I visit so that really helps me write.

Sarah Stagnell
Q: Do you need a PA?!
A: Ha. Yes but I think it would be a long way for you to travel every day.

Lauren Dunne
Q: What would angela’s wedding dress be like?
A: Ooh, you’ll have to wait and see…

Beverley Ann Jordan
Q: Has Marc Jacobs sent you anything , seeing he features in your books a lot ??
A: Ahh, no! I think he has better things to do.

Charlotte Steele
Q: Any more cities/countries to visit for inspiration? or for other book series? X
A: So many! Miami, Japan, China, Italy, South East Asia… I’ve barely traveled anywhere. It’s bad!

Claire Woods
Q: What do you like to do when you have time off?
A: Explore! I love to find new places, wherever I am, road trips are my favourite. I also love seeing bands, hanging out in cafes and eating too much while chatting with friends.

Caroline Thomson
Q: Who, if anyone, is Alex Reid based ‘loosely’ on 😉 ?
A: No one sadly. He does have Shawn from stellastarrr*’s old haircut though…

Donna Smith
Q: Were did u get the inspiration to start writing the i heart books and are u writing anymore in the series?
A: I was just SO in love with New York, I basically wrote my fantasy life. Right now I’m writing something new but I’m sure there will be more…

Lisa Clark
Q: Are u anything like Angela?
A: Probably too much!

Leah Holliday
Q:What’s the process you go through when writing a book? Do you just start writing from an idea in your head? Or do you set the key parts down and then write it? And how long does it usually take from starting it till the final manuscript? 🙂
A: I write really quickly so once I’ve got the rough idea sorted out, it’s usually no longer than two months, maybe three months tops. I start with a synopsis and character outlines, just so everyone’s alive in my head and then I just go at it!

Jasmine Paffey
Q: Will you be in the uk to do a book signing??
A: Yes! More news to follow!

Charlotte Gleave
Q: Any plans for your books to be made into movies 🙂 ps bought my first Marc Jacobs bag and thought of Angela xx
A: Popular question! Keep your fingers crossed. And OOH, I want to see that bag.

Caitlain Rafferty
Q: How did you become a writer? 🙂 and where did you get your inspiration for Angela? 🙂 xx
A: I’ve always written, ever since I was little, so it was just a case of plugging away until I found out what I wanted to write. Before I was a fulltime writer, I was an editor, a copywriter in a PR company and a licensing exec. Lots of time to pick up some inspiration!

Nadine Mcdonald
Q: Was ‘the single girls to do list’ a stand alone book or will it become a series? 🙂
A: Standalone. But that’s not to say there will never be a sequel…

Susie Murphy
Q: If you could live anywhere apart from NY or London where would it be + why? 🙂
A: Maybe Austin, Texas or Toronto. I love both those cities and feel really at home there. Great shops, great bars, great food and some wonderful people.http://0

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  1. aurora says:

    Who are your favorite writers?

  2. aurora says:

    Sorry, I have just seen the answer to my question.

  3. Bethanie says:

    Pleaaaaaase tell me there will be more books coming from you soon! I love Angela,Jenny,Alex,James and most of all Angela’s mum and Dad! I can imagine just how they would be in real life! I know want to move to New York even more to pursue my career as a writer! thank you Lindsey, you are an inspiration!

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