And I Heart YOU

Sweet baby Jebus in the manger, the Marie Claire event has sold out…
I genuinely don’t know what to say – hopefully it will be an amazing evening that will end in us all coming together in a beautiful Glee-esque song and dance routine.

On the downside, I know there were a lot of you who wanted to come out and couldn’t so finally (I had to hold it back since the even stole its thunder) here is the big comp! I have three exclusive I Heart London tote bags – to be filled with a personalised, signed copy of I Heart London! EEEE! Isn’t that exciting? I think it’s exciting.

So, to win, I need you to get onto Twitter and copy this post:
I can’t wait for #iheartlondon

Post as many times as you like and I’ll be drawing three names out of a hat on May 25th. Hurrah! I hope you like them. My friend Kari says they’re adorable. So they must be.http://0


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  1. This is amazing! I think i’ve posted to you like, 3 times. I’m gonna win this one haha! x


  2. Fab!! Not long to go now!!


  3. Yay! So excited for it, I’m just going to keep posting it 🙂 its my birthday end of may so it’d be so good to win 🙂 #fingerscrossed


  4. I’ve tweeted 🙂


  5. Sarah Haddock May 18, 2012 — 2:51 pm

    but i don’t use twitter 😦 2 for twitter and 1 for fb me thinks !


  6. Please let me win…


  7. This makes me soooo sad that I don’t have a twitter account 😦 I will post this everyday for a whole month on my fb if I were to win!!! Sad times lay ahead!! I’m going on holiday on the 5th june so would do anything to get my hands on a copy before I go instead of having to wait until I get back and find it on my doorstep – I NEED I HEART LONDON IN MY LIFE ASAP xx


  8. Well I will give it go on twitter for you, fingers crossed, off I go.


  9. Ive loved your other books and am eagerly awaiting this one. I have tweeted the link


  10. Yes yes yes yes yes!!! I have finally got onto twitter @kerrylarter just to win one of these bad boys – I’m keeping my fingers crossed I get pulled out….soooooo excited/nervous….eekkkkkk!!! Roll on the 25th already!! Xxx


  11. i already tweeted it a few times today.. hopefully i will get this books.. and be the 1st in Malaysia to have i heart london with your signature.. =)


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