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Story of a Book Launch – I Heart London

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Story of a Book Launch – I Heart London


It’s been the most ridiculous few days and I really wanted to share some of the pictures from the I Heart London events with you. I should point out none of them were taken by professionals, none of them have been sanctioned by my publishers/agents/publicists and all of them show me experiencing varying degrees of drunkeness or hangover. Enjoy!

I Heart London Book Launch Lindsey Kelk
Me at the fancy schmancy I Heart London launch at the top of Centre Point. Before I was drunk.

I Heart London Book Lindsey Kelk
i Heart London Book + Flag + One Hell of a View

Lindsey Kelk I Heart London
I may or may not have stolen this poster board from the party… this is just before we bumped into Ian Gruffudd. I told him I loved Ringer. He didn’t care.

I Heart London Lindsey Kelk After Party
After the party it’s the (after party)… Nana Kelk putting her feet up.

Lindsey Kelk Ryan Child I Heart London
Me and Ryan celebrate the birth of book baby. In the street. The pub closed at eleven…

Lindsey Kelk I Heart London
Shortly before we abandoned the poster board at Tottenham Court Road tube…

I Heart London Birmingham WH Smith Lindsey Kelk
My boobs signing in Birmingham…

I Heart London Marie Claire event Lindsey Kelk
Some intense reading at the Marie Claire event. TopShop leggings, Jimmy Choos and a dentist’s smock from an episode of Star Trek.

Lindsey Kelk Westfield Stratford I Heart London signing
Signing in London! I Heart it!

I Heart London signing Lindsey Kelk
Awesome people buying an acceptable to the publisher book from a hungover author. Score.

Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing few days. For those of you who came out to say hi, it was fantastic to meet you and for everyone who came in mint jeans only to listen to me whine about wanting some mint jeans, I got some from TopShop today. Twenty-five quid. Jobs a good ‘un.

As for the rest of the weekend, I’m so incredibly rock and roll that it’s 7.45pm and I’m in my pjs in my hotel room, listening to The National and having a lovely glass of white wine.

I need to save my strength for tomorrow. It was lovely of London to put on a jubilee for me, honestly, a drink would have been more than enough.http://0

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(14) Comments

  1. It was so lovely to meet you today and you looked gorgeous in that dress! Charlotte xx

  2. I have mint jeans too 🙂

  3. Love the dress and your hair! I cannot wait until IHL is available for U.S. fans.

  4. Niina Hilarto says:

    I just found your books this April and yesterday finished reading I Heart Las Vegas. I Heart – series is so so great!!! Thank you so much for one of the best reading experience and laughs. 🙂
    Now I want to read your blog. Already found out that I Heart London coming out next week. Congrats about that!!! 🙂
    Oh…and the pics are great. Before and after hungover. 😉

  5. Niina Hilarto says:

    …oh nooooo…How do I get my pic up here?? I do not want to comment faceless…Do I need to sign in somewhere? Sometimes I am so bad with these things. Sorryyyy…Help needed people. Thanks.

  6. This sounds like an insane amount of fun. You’re very lucky (and hard working). Can’t wait to read I Heart London 😀

  7. This sounds like an insane amount of fun. You’re very lucky (and hard working). Can’t wait to read I Heart London 😀

  8. Wish I could have come out to see you this time around but alas it wasn’t to be. Can’t wait to read I Heart London – the Royal Mail and those good ole boys at Amazon had better not keep me waiting around! Congratulations on your latest release Lindsey xxx

  9. Your dress with the little bikes is amazing! Congrats on the book launch!

  10. Have you already been to Surrey, UK and/or London for book signing ??? Or are you going to? I REALLY would like to get my copy signed by you, would be so amazing xx

  11. Natalie haselden says:

    Hi Lindsey
    Congrats on the new book !!!!
    Soooo excited and not so paitently waiting for it to arrive as i have pre ordered it 🙂
    Love your books there amazeballs and got a few people hooked on them now so got to read the new book quick before one of those lovely people tell me what happens before i can read it ha ha
    Cant wait for your new project to come out
    Love natalie xxxx

  12. IHG says:

    Hi Lindsey, can you pleeaaassseee tell me when I heat London will be avail. in Germany? My amazon acount says July 4th! this must be a joke…
    Thanks for your reply.
    best wishes, IHG

  13. Beth Smith says:

    I love all 5 books in this series! I finished I Heart London last night! It was so good, looking forward to seeing what happens next! Hope there will be a book to follow ‘Single Girls to do list’ as well! Another great book 🙂 xxx

  14. Michelle says:

    I wish I live in London so I could’ve met you! I read the book already and it was amazing! Only downside is ended abruptly. Will there be another sequel? I really hope there is. I don’t want it to end:L xxx

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