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You know you've made it when…


You know you've made it when…

I’m really sad that I’m being forced to address this in a blog post but as some of you already know, of late, someone who really, really doesn’t enjoy my books has been attempting to get a rise out of me by leaving very aggressive comments on this site. Until now, I’ve always said that I wouldn’t delete criticism when it finds me – I mean, I’m an author sat in a room looking at a laptop. If I don’t read criticism, how else will I know how I’m doing? As an editor and a writer, I abhor censorship and always look to find constructive ways to improve my work.

However, there are times when criticism becomes abuse. That happens when the attacks become aggressive, personal and written with the sole ntention of trying to upset the intended target. That isn’t criticism, it’s bullying. Unfortunately for this person (who is obviously hiding behind an anonymous email account) I’ve dealt with bigger bullies before and lived to tell the tale. Now, I love Twitter. I love Facebook. I love this website. It means so much to me that I’m able to have an open dialogue with so many people and I’ve always felt comfortable being entirely honest with you but apparently, for every eight thousand awesome Twitter followers, I’m going to get one person who has too much time on their hands and gets a kick out of trying to make me feel bad. For these reasons, I’ve deleted the comments. I didn’t tolerate bullies when I was thirteen, I don’t tolerate them now.

At the end of the day, I write romantic comedies. I’m pretty sure they haven’t ever pretended to be anything else and so, it makes me quite sad that someone would go out of their way to try to upset someone else by insulting something that was written exclusively to make people happy.

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  1. Isla says:

    Well said Lynsey – I have read and love all your books and I even attended the Marie Claire Mentor event. You were a great speaker that evening and inspired me to get of my arse and put my ideas on paper instead of dreaming them so thanks. Dont let negative people get to you.

  2. Tamara says:

    No one should have to put up with bullying.
    Cowardice at its worst

  3. You are so, so good at what you do, do not even think about letting these idiots get to you, please. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your books make my life a bit less stressful, student and all. Also to note, I do not read a lot of romantic comedies, most of them bore me, but you really hit my heartstrings with your books. Keep up the good work, woman! You are entirely in your right to delete the comments and block the IP.

  4. aurora says:

    I love your column at Marie Claire as well as the books. I know it is hard to do it but try to ignore this bully. He or she is obviously jealous of your success. You are so much more above it. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. Good for you. Criticism is one thing but there’s no excuse for mean/personal comments. I heart your books! Just reread Hollywood for the zillionth time.

  6. The very best way to get ahead of a troll is to ignore them totally. There is nothing they hate more. Any attention is good attention as far as they’re concerned; their psychology is the same as those who used to post poison pen letters back in the day… the thrill of the sting etc. By ignoring them totally, deleting all their comments and generally acting like they don’t exist at all, you will be doing the very thing they dread. So, do it!

  7. Angie Rimmer says:

    OMG I’m shocked that you have haters when your work is so endearing, so funny and very empowering – stories with a feel food factor. It’s a positive move to remove negativity. Hope you remain inspired and write lots.

  8. Nicely said, I admire what you do about leaving criticism you’re absolutely right in doing that. When (or if) I become an author I hope to be as strong as you in that sense. When I write a bad review of a book I don’t like doing it because I know how it can hurt but I do try and find positives. You and your books are wonderful, for every 1 person that doesn’t like them you have at least 10 who love them. I hope you’re not bothered by people like that in the future and you carry on doing what you do best ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Tina Vokes says:

    Good for you Lindsey, you’re such an inspiration to me and a lot of others. No one needs to deal with bullies, if that’s how they communicate they should have a word with themselves. Jealousy will get them nowhere.
    You’re right to address this now, hopefully it will stop.

  10. Carole says:

    I too have read all your books and as I finish one I’m waiting for the next. They are brilliant, funny and addictive!! You shouldn’t have to put up with people like that! Some people are so small minded and have nothing better to do!! Keep up the good work Lindsey. Looking forward to your next novel hope the wait isn’t too long xx

  11. You did the right thing and although you don’t know me, I’m proud of you. I’m a huge fan of your works and it takes a lot to handle cyber bullying and things like that, especially when you’re a writer and I guess that you’re writing not only because you love it but because you want other people to love what you write. I’ll be waiting for more books from you and hopefully the blogging waters will be clear for you in the future!

  12. Jane says:

    Most bullies are jealous of something you have / can do that they wish they had /could do and I’m sure this troll is no different. Your books have made so many people happy, me included. If you didn’t do what you do so well, the world would be missing something.

  13. Bibibutton says:

    Pure Jealousy. I’d be honoured with the time spent to even bother with the abuse. Your books, Romantic Yes. More importantly, inspiring. You represent the strength we all need and dream of having. Some people! As ugly as the troll they are.


  14. I was so, so sad to hear about what has been happening and think it’d disgusting. I for one love your books. I finished your latest book on Friday & loved it. I love Angela & Alex’s characters. Your books always have a feel good effect and think you have a great talent. Keep up the very good work xxxxxx

  15. Angie Gilbert says:

    Hear hear! Shame that you had to write thus but so glad you did. In my opinion your books have made me have ‘proper belly’ laughs in some pretty dark days of late and I personally would like to thank you for that. If you can try and take that persons comments with a pinch of salt as that is all they’re worth. Keep doing what you’re doing as you’re doing it amazingly well xx

  16. lindsey you did the right thing…. you’re an amazing writer, ignore all the people who just want a rise of you ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Mel Legg says:

    I’m shocked to hear these sad people have targeted you. They’ve obviously wasted their own lives & acheived nothing so feel they need to victimise those who have.
    Being a 42 yr old (well will be next week!) working mum of 2 I need authors like you to give me the escapism needed to get through the week. I’ve enjoyed everyone of you books, I only wish you could write as quick as I can read!! You are my favourite tweeter too, love hearing about all you adventures.
    Like all trolls with a bit of luck they’ll move on to their next victim, take comfort from all the positive feedback you have x

  18. Michaela says:

    I love all of your books, and I read your blog in Marie Claire. Your an amazing writer who’s books ever fail to make me smile/happy. Any form of bullying is horrible and I admire you for sharing this with everyone. Keep up all the amazingness! ๐Ÿ˜€ xxx

  19. Lynsey bailey says:

    That’s disgusting. Jealousy is a bad thing lindsy x.

  20. Gaynorkelly says:

    Good for you!!!!!
    internet trolls, ugly inside!!!!!

  21. I’m so sorry to hear about the troll harassing you. And Anonymously? Coward! Glad you’re deleting. Criticism is one thing, personal attacks are another. Hope you feel better having blogged about it! xx

  22. Caley says:

    Lindsey, you are fantastic. Ignore the sad little moron, nothing but a keyboard warrior and a coward. Lots of love xxx

  23. Nikki Holt says:

    Seriously… These people have way too much spare time. I bloody love your writing Lindsey. Ignore the idiots and keep on typing!!!!! Muchos love from the UK. X

    Ps. Totes excited about the hello kitty mail attire! Tres exciting!

    Pps. Have you seen the possibly even more exciting mini mouse OPI collection? Oh to the m to the g!!!!

  24. Eviie says:

    i think you are amazing. i love all of your books and anyone who says differently obviously hasnt read the books and has far too much time on their hands. chin up. and come to NZ for a book signing ๐Ÿ˜€ hehe love you!

  25. Raquel Lee says:

    Well I think your books are amazing and they have inspired me to be a more confident woman. Thankyou xxx

  26. Whenever I see or learn of such obtuse scumbags – I have to remind myself that they are the minority of this mixed bag we live in. Majority of people are SO awesome. Just glad the ratio sits as it is.


    PS I don’t think I would have had the intelligence to handle them with such grace. Good for you, little lady!

  27. Claudia Priddy says:

    I say good on you. Your books are ace! And if that person is writing trash and dosn’t like what your books then duh they shouldn’t read them. P.s thanks I now want to go and buy that hello kitty nail polish.. Cute

  28. Cathy Lange says:

    I love your books Lindsey, I (and millions of others I’m sure) always feel like they’ve been written just for me, such is the natural connection you have to your readers. You’ve inspired me not only to write, but also to travel. I’ve just returned from Paris, I re-read my well loved copy of “I Heart Paris” on the way to prepare myself. J’adore!
    Thank you Lindsey, I heart you! Xxxxxxx

  29. I love your books, from the start of the journey I Heart New York to the last I Heart London, I have loved all of your antics and have grown to love each character (minus CiCi) in their own different way. I can’t believe anybody would bother to waste their effort trying to insult your writing when its clear that so many people relate to and enjoy your books. Keep doing what you do because you do it well, and although I’m sad to see the end of Angela’s story, I hope you’ll create a new story for another character who is just as great:)

  30. catherine says:

    To the person who is leaving these horrible messages
    ..EFF OFF!!
    muchly appreciated,
    the fans of Lindsey Kelk

  31. Dear Lindsey, I am writing from Brazil. Down here, your books are loved. I know of a lot of young people who, like me, read your books and dream of going to places that, from here, are far far away. Please, don’t even think of bullies who are probably jeaulous of you.

  32. I think all this wonderful support should also serve to boot the little troll back under the bridge where they belong!

  33. Sophie says:

    We’re all behind you Lindsey; you’re an inspiration and shouldn’t have to tolerate bullying for the sake of it!

  34. Laura says:

    I can’t believe you are getting negative comments from an Internet bully. Personally I think you’re a fantastic writer. I never used to read books until I got I Heart New York with a magazine and before I knew it I was hooked. You’ve inspired me to start reading, and I’ve even started writing short stories myself. I’m currently going through a bit of a tough time, so those ten minutes a day where I read about Angela’s adventures allow me to escape from everything and have a moment of enjoyment in my day.

    So know that no matter what these comments say, there are thousands of people out there, just like me, who get so much enjoyment from what you do.

    Looking forward to the next book xx

  35. sharon says:

    I love your I heart series and am currently reading I heart London. Please write more books You are a great author I will be buying more of your books. xx

  36. Berniece says:

    I just finshed reading I Heart New York (as recommended by one of my sisters) and I LOVED it! This is the first book I have read of yours and I will most definitly be reading more. The way you wrote really just put me in the book. I wanted to finish the book but when I did I wish I had more to read – although I loved the ending.

    I want to be a writer and would like to let you know that you inspire me along with other great authors, to want to continue trying to pursue my goal. Let the haters be haters and continue to do your thing!


  37. Nicki Hunt says:

    Like many others I am shocked people can be so horrid, I love your books, didn’t read them in the right order – I started with I Heart Hollywood, I struggled a bit to get into it, but persisted & by the end of the book was totally addicted. I’ve now read New York & have Paris & London to read. I love the characters & your books are so well written I identify with them, even though I’m a 53 year old mother of 2 girls. Keep writing, your books are great.

  38. I have never seen your site before but I have just ordered I Heart London & thought I would seach you on the internet to see what else is in your collection! First of all I would like to echo everyone elses comments & say please ignore the idiots who have nothing better to do than put down others on the internet. The have clearly not read the books & have nothing better to do with their sad lives. Personally I LOVE the I Heart series!! I discovered the first one on holiday in July & have read the whole series, bar the last one. I would like to leave my plea with you to continue the series as I am completely hooked & am concerned I’m going to go into decline when I finish the last one!

  39. I have to say I absolutley love your books! Im 24 from Essex UK and I must admit I did not read! Until i picked up I Heart New York (from my sisters book shelf) and fell in love with the series!
    Now you wont catch me without a book! You have open my reading world door!
    You’re writing is amazing so I don’t believe people can give you abuse!

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