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I Heart Paris US signing


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  1. Angelina says:

    Will you be coming to Canada for a book signing too?

    1. Shirin says:

      yep, please come to Canada (Toronto especially!) 🙂

  2. CHRISTY BERRY says:

    Hey Lindsey!

    You aren’t by any chance doing any signings in NYC the few days before Labor Day weekend are you? I’ll be in town and would love to have you sign my book. Just thought I’d check!


    1. Hi there!
      We’ve got a signing scheduled in Brooklyn on August 23rd but I imagine that’s too early?
      Lindsey x

      1. CHRISTY BERRY says:

        Darn, I won’t be there until the 29th. Thanks for the reply and thank you for writing such fab books! xo

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