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Beauty Bits

Maaaaaaaaaan, I stocked up on an awful lot of goodies when I was in the UK last week but nothing that would be news to anyone here. I’m obsessed with Rimmel Apocolips and the Kate Moss colours and I went a bit mental over Hylauron and Soap & Glory cosmetics in Boots. Good times, good times. Anyway, here are the new things I’ve been stocking up on while not in Boots. More interesting, I think. If you find face powders interesting. I do.nars

Powder is always something I struggle with. I’m super pale and err towards dry on the skin spectrum so it’s difficult to find something that looks good and doesn’t just end up making me look like I’ve a) borrowed my mum’s Collection 2000 bronzer from the 80s or b) dipped my face in baby powder. Nars have come to my rescue. The Light Reflective Loose Powder is a revelation to me. It finishes off my face beautifully, resists shine but doesn’t make anything overly matte. Plus, it makes my skin feel softer than a baby’s bum. Which is ironic because actual baby powder wouldn’t… And in my bag is the pressed version. I love this just as much and who doesn’t feel a shot of the happies at whipping out a Nars compact? My only complaint is that the applicator included is a bag of shite and the little pouch you HAVE to carry it in because the applicator doesn’t fit in the compact itself, is annoying. This is easily resolved so please work it out soon, Nars.


While in Australia, I went ever so slightly insane over the brand Grown. I got a sample of their hand cream on the flight over (well played, marketing department) and then basically bought out the rest of the range over the course of two weeks. My absolute favourites are the deep purifying facial masque with wheatgerm, gingko and cranberry. It reminds me of the old Jurlique Herbal Rescue mask before they created the gel formula and I love it. At the moment, I’m using it once a week after my Philosophy Micro Delivery Peel. It’s amazing. That is all. All the products in the Grown range smell bloody amazing. When I use the hand cream (vanilla and orange peel, yum) I want to eat my own paws and I’m safely assured that the mandarin and rosemary leaf body cream smells just as edible. But really, don’t nosh on it, you will vom.http://0

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  1. Kelly M says:

    Ahhh coming from another pale-y sounds like I need to give this Nars powder a try, not the compact one if you have to carry the applicator separate coz I’d definitely loose it in my tardis of a bag

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