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‘I love a good story…’

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‘I love a good story…’

Lindsey sits down with the good people at Junk magazine to talk inspiration, SATC and Hawaii…

“The inspiration behind my first novel isn’t a terribly pretty story,” Lindsey begins.  “I was bored senseless with more or less everything in my life and decided to write an ‘anywhere but here’ fantasy for myself.

“It was just a distraction really, something to think about that wasn’t my job, my boyfriend or my overdraft. I’d just been on a family-sponsored trip to NYC (thanks, big brother) and couldn’t cope with being home and being miserable and so I started writing. Six weeks later, the book was finished.”

Lindsey insists she had no idea how successful the series was going to be. “I worked in children’s publishing for six years and saw books come and go all the time. I was just excited that it was coming out at all, I never expected I Heart New York to be especially successful, and I just hoped that it would do well enough that I’d be allowed to write the follow up.”

The series spans an incredible range of locations, from Las Vegas to London. What made Lindsey pick those places in particular?

“They were places I’d been to, places I was interested in – I didn’t have the money to run off researching new cities and I’m most comfortable writing about places I’ve visited. Plus I already knew what the story arc was for the first three books and the locations really fit that so well.”

When it comes to her characters, Lindsey says they take on a life of their own. “In the beginning, I guess Angela and I were very similar but she’s definitely grown into her own person. Sometimes I’m so proud of her and sometimes I get so mad but it’s weird, writing her now I do feel like she’s in control of her own decisions. It’s weird when I remember that I actually make them for her!”

Does Lindsey see any similarities between Angela and SATC star Carrie Bradshaw?

“I haven’t ever really thought about them being that similar aside from the fact that they both live in NYC, they’re both writers and they’re both pretty partial to shoes. Being entirely honest, I think I’m more of a Carrie than Angela is. Angela has been in a serious relationship since book two, there’s no big drama with who she’s going to end up with. I started answering the SATC questions on the blogs because I was interested to see how life had changed for a single woman in NYC in the last decade and how similar it is – or how different – to the TV show. It’s been really interesting.”

If Lindsey had to pick a favourite from all of her novels, she says it would have to be I Heart New York. “All of the others have presented different challenges which sometimes makes them difficult to enjoy at the time. Although About A Girl was pretty fun since I got to go to Hawaii..!”

Lastly, what does the near future hold for our Lindsey? Will we be seeing much more of Angela Clark or will Tess Brookes take centre stage?

“I don’t ever want to flog a dead horse so when Angela is out of stories, I’ll retire her. I can’t see us reading I Heart the Florida Retirement Castle!

“Tess has another couple of books in her, About a Girl was conceived as a trilogy but these things change as you go along so who knows? And after Tess, I have lots of other ideas… I love a story.”

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