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First Listen to About A Girl

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First Listen to About A Girl

Lindsey’s fantastic new novel is almost here! Publishing 4th July, About a Girl is the first adventure in a brand new series featuring Tess Brookes, who we guarantee you’re going to love just as much as Angela Clark.

“I didn’t know why I’d told Agent Veronica that I would go to a place I’d never visited and take pictures of someone I’d never heard of for a magazine I’d never read. I didn’t know why I had picked up my old camera, grabbed Vanessa’s kit bag and started packing. I couldn’t explain why I wrote a note for Amy that just said ‘Gone to Hawaii, call you when I get there. So sorry, xxx’ and stuck it on the front door. It all seemed to make sense at the time…”

The perfect read for summer. So go on and pre-order your copy!



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